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SAGE is an international, leading publisher of 70 titles in Engineering, Materials Science and Computing. The collection includes the 18 … Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Computing

Engineering & Computing

The International Journal of High Performance Computing … Waste Management & Research Engineering & Computing

Peter Beerli

Dr. Beerli likes working with computers and applying math to biological problems that are difficult to solve. He teaches computational … scientific computing, and discrete computer algorithms. His lab seminars …

Jack Dongarra

Computer Science in the Computer Science Department at the University of … include numerical algorithms in linear algebra, parallel computing, use of advanced-computer architectures, programming methodology, and tools for parallel …

Teach Primary Computing - Book Giveaway

Teaching ‘Computing’ is now a fact of life for nearly all schools. The new national curriculum for computing gives you the chance to give … computing can offer.  …

Vincent Moulton Moulton, Vincent …

Pete Burnap

of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University. He is an applied data scientist with a principal focus on data and computational … behaviour—contributing to the academic fields of Social Computing, Web Science, and …

Edward E. Brent

Edward Brent is a professor in computer science and sociology. He has been at the University of Missouri since 1976 after getting a Ph.D. from … statistics and computing. Brent, Edward …

Caldwell, Helen

Helen Caldwell

Helen Caldwell is the curriculum lead for Primary Computing in Teacher Education at the University of Northampton. Her teaching … computing curriculum and assistive technologies for SEN. Caldwell, Helen …

Gilbert, Nigel

Nigel Gilbert

into the computer industry. However, he was lured into sociology and … sociology and computer science (and engineering more widely). His … development of computational sociology and the methodology of computer