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Bagele Chilisa

graduate and undergraduate students: Research Methods; Educational … degree in Research Methodology. The degree covers Research Design, Statistics and Measurement from the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her …

Getting Published

… research methods … journals in Research Methods & Evaluation

Ifeoma C. Iyioke

designing and implementing research methods (e.g., surveys, interviews … a master’s degree in applied statistics (2006) and a doctorate in educational measurement and quantitative methods (2013) both from Michigan State University …

Spyros Konstantopoulos

Konstantopoulos is a professor of quantitative methods at the Department of … Education at the University of Chicago. His methodological research interests include multilevel models, experimental design, statistical power analysis …


Research Methods, Statistics, & Evaluation … further exploration, access to influential research in SAGE journals, and …

Evangelos I. Kritsotakis

an academic medical statistician with research interest in health care epidemiology and infection control. His research focuses on statistical and epidemiological principles and methods to evaluate and improve the delivery of …

Jan R. Boehnke

United Kingdom. His areas of interest cover multivariate statistics, epidemiological models and evaluation methods. He has worked in … Jan R. Böhnke is Research Fellow at the Hull York Medical School and …

Thelwall, Mike

Mike Thelwall

developed and evaluated free software and methods for systematically gathering … Social Web Research Methods” (free online … Mike Thelwall leads the Statistical

David J. McLernon

a biennial Highlands event (Young Researchers Using Statistics Symposium) which brings together career young researchers who use novel statistical methods … David J. McLernon is a senior research fellow …