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Creativity in the Early Years

Creativity in the Early Years
Engaging Children Aged 0-5

May 2024 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book offers an accessible and comprehensive new introduction to the subject and practise of creativity in early years education. Taylor takes a uniquely rights-based and inclusive approach to creativity, providing students with a holistic, internationally-minded overview of creativity and its place both inside and outside the classroom. Sections focus on:

  • Defining creativity and its benefits
  • Different modes of creativity
  • Creativity in a policy and social context
  • Creative pedagogy in practice
  • Creative leadership

Each chapter offers questions for critical reflection, illustrative contemporary case studies, and ample suggestions for further reading.

Section One: Defining Creativity
Chapter 1: What is creativity? definitions and debates
Chapter 2: The Value and Benefits of Creativity: Children’s Wellbeing and Development (Nicola Watson)
Chapter 3: The Modes of Creativity
Section Two: Creativity in Practice
Chapter 4: Storytelling, imaginative and symbolic play
Chapter 5: Art and children’s drawings: making meaning and visual literacy
Chapter 6: Music and movement: communication and community
Section Three: Creativity, Policy and Inclusion
Chapter 7: Creativity and the Policy Context
Chapter 8: Global perspectives on creativity (Janet Harvell)
Chapter 9: SEND, inclusion and creativity
Chapter 10: Social inclusion, creativity & global citizenship
Section Four: Creativity, Research and Pedagogy
Chapter 11: Children as Researchers: supporting children’s natural curiosity through STEAM
Chapter 12: Creative Pedagogies: across all areas of learning (Nicola Watson)
Chapter 13: The Creative & Reflective Practitioner
Chapter 14: Conclusions and Next Steps

A useful book that can be related to many areas of the curriculum. Well written and research-based

Mrs Angela Hodgkins
Institute of Education, Worcester University
June 6, 2024

Sage College Publishing

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