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Creativity @ Work

Creativity @ Work

First Edition
  • S Ramachander - Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Writer, Chennai

September 2006 | 204 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This interesting book discusses the concept of creativity and innovation in management. The author suggests that insight—rather than data—is the key ingredient for developing a different vision of where the business (or category, product, model, or brand) can go. Encouraging the manager to look beyond conventional wisdom, Creativity @ Work is fundamentally all about unlearning concepts. The author uses innovative scenario building to explain alternative approaches and change to managers.

Meant for practical use, this book is structured like a workbook and contains numerous worksheets and tables, in addition to experiences and experiments drawn from real life, to illustrate:
  • What creativity is all about
  • How to ensure and nourish the development of creativity
  • How to apply the notions of managing creatively

What it is and Why Study it?

New Ways of Seeing
Thinking in Pictures
Thinking Fresh and in Depth
Action, Learning and Discovery
The Art of Thinking Together

Listening Holds the Key
Why Speed Kill... Creativity
Crystal Ball Gazing - Scenario Planning
It Takes All Sorts
Creating the Energy
The Meditative Walk
Competition and Creativity
Getting Started
Living Creatively
A Summation

Afore Ye Go...

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ISBN: 9780761934943