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Criminological Research

Criminological Research
A Student’s Guide

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April 2022 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What can we learn from other people’s research and how is it relevant to a student who wants to do their own research project with limited time and resources?  These are the questions addressed by this book.  Key features include:

  • A comprehensive discussion of the research process, from first working out your research question to writing about your results
  • Criminological examples throughout
  • A summary in every chapter of the important points to consider when conducting your own research and when reading about the research written by others
  • ‘What is the mistake?’ exercises to help you to avoid some of the most common errors in research
  • Suggestions of the choices that are most likely to be practical for students

If you are a student who has been set a research methods assignment, or are planning you first research project, this book has been written for you.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Part 1
Chapter 2: Key Methodological Approaches
Chapter 3: Conducting a Literature Review
Chapter 4: Identifying a Research Questions
Chapter 5: Research Designs
Chapter 6: Ethical Issues
Chapter 7: Populations and Samples
Part 2: Data Collection
Chapter 8: Collecting Data Through Surveys
Chapter 9: Qualitative Methods of Data Collection
Chapter 10: Alternatives to Empirical Data Collection
Part 3: Data Analysis and Producing Your Output
Chapter 11: Quantitative Data Analysis
Chapter 12: Qualitative Data Analysis
Chapter 13: Writing About Research
Chapter 14: Epilogue

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ISBN: 9781526420893

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