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Critical Themes in Environmental History of India

Critical Themes in Environmental History of India

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July 2020 | 492 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
A first of its kind in India, the book addresses the fundamental questions of environmental concern and enquires into the complex patterns of  human–nature interaction within the discipline of environmental history in India. This book delves into history to examine a number of critical themes, such as waterbodies and water, forests, land use, wildlife and the issue of the history of climate in India. It focuses on the methodological and historiographical aspects of environmental history and raises new questions to open up new windows leading to fresh research questions. The book argues that environmental history would serve as an important gateway to the history of the human–nature relationship, for example, exploring the role of water history would help in understanding the present context of water crisis in Indian cities. 

Critical Themes in Environmental History of India
 is a powerful reminder of the fact that in the context of Indian history it is now necessary to listen to the voice of nature more carefully.

Arvind P. Jamkhedkar
SECTION I: Environmental History of India: Methodology and Scope
Ranjan Chakrabarti
Environmental History of India: An Introduction
Mayank Kumar
Sources, Environment and Historians
SECTION II: Rivers and Water
Gopa Samanta
Environmental History of Water in Indian Cities
M. Amirthalingam
History of Waterbodies in India
SECTION III: Forest, Land Use, Wildlife and Animals
Nanditha Krishna
Ancient Forests and Sacred Groves
Anantanarayan Raman
Plant Domestication and Evolution of Agriculture in India
Nirmal Mahato
Environmental Change and Forest Conservancy in Southwest Bengal (1890–1964)
Kakoli Sinha Roy
Hunting, Wildlife and Preservation in Colonial India (1850–1947)
SECTION IV: Climate and Disaster
Michel Danino
Climate, Environment and the Harappan Civilization
M. Amirthalingam
History of Earthquakes in India
Mili Ghose
Cyclones of Coastal Eastern India
Sajal Nag
Climatic Change and Its Impact on North East India

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