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Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management
An Introduction

First Edition
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September 2020 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Cross-Cultural Management: An Introduction offers students a hands-on approach to cross-cultural management that they can apply to a wide variety of organizational contexts. Rather than focusing on specific countries, authors David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson highlight the interactions of people from different cultures in organizational settings to provide students with practical applications of concepts in international management. Real-world examples and case studies help students understand and integrate differences between attitudes, values, beliefs, and assumptions so that they can thrive as managers. 

1. The International Manager
2. Describing Culture
3. Comparing Cultures
4. How Culture Works
5. Cross-Cultural Decision Making
6. Communicating and Negotiating Across Cultures
7. Motivation and Leadership across Cultures
8. Multicultural Work Groups and Teams
9. Culture and the Structure of International Organizations
10. International Assignments
11. Managing Across Cultures into the Future


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Key features
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of chapters identify what students should be able to accomplish after readings.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes present a brief case study that sets the tone of the chapter and shows the relevance of organizational behavior in the real world.
  • Mini case studies include real-life examples of how seasoned managers or companies practice cross-cultural management.   
  • Practical Implications for managers and students at the end of chapters offer advice for readers to prepare for different aspects of international management.
  • Chapter summaries and questions for discussion allow students to review and reflect on key content.
  • A running glossary defines key terms as students progress through chapters; terms are also listed with definitions at the conclusion of the chapters.

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