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Database Design, Query Formulation, and Administration

Database Design, Query Formulation, and Administration
Using Oracle and PostgreSQL

Eighth Edition

September 2022 | 812 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Database Design, Query Formulation, and Administration, Eighth Edition, offers a comprehensive understanding of database technology. Author Michael Mannino equips students with the necessary tools to grasp the fundamental concepts of database management, and then guides them in honing their skills to solve both basic and advanced problems for operational databases and data warehouses in query formulation, database design, and administration.

Features of the Eighth Edition:

  • Unmatched SQL coverage in both breadth and depth
  • Oracle and PostgreSQL coverage
  • Problem-solving guidelines
  • Sample databases and examples
  • Normalization 
  • Physical database design 
  • Triggers 
  • Data modeling tools
  • Data warehouse design
  • Data integration 
  • NoSQL coverage
  • Current and cutting-edge topics
  • Comprehensive enough for multiple database courses

Chapter 1 Introduction to Database Management
Chapter 2 Introduction to Database Development
Chapter 3 The Relational Data Model in the SQL Standard
Chapter 4 Query Formulation with SQL
Chapter 5 Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams
Chapter 6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases
Chapter 7 Normalization Concepts and Processes
Chapter 8 Physical Database Design
Chapter 9 Advanced Matching Problems
Chapter 10 Views, Null Values, and Hierarchical Queries
Chapter 11 Stored Procedures and Triggers
Chapter 12 Data Warehouse Concepts and Management
Chapter 13 Conceptual Design of Data Warehouses
Chapter 14 Data Integration Concpets and Practices
Chapter 15 Query Formulation for Data Warehouses
Chapter 16 Data and Database Administration
Chapter 17 Transaction Management
Chapter 18 Client-Server Processing, Parallel Database Processing, and Distributed Databases
Chapter 19 DBMS Extensions for Object and NoSQL Databases


Key features
  • SQL Coverage unmatched in competing textbooks and other specialized SQL books.
    Includes full coverage of Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Problem-Solving Guidelines help students structure their thinking to tackle problems systematically.
  • Sample Databases and Examples provide consistency and continuity across chapters.
  • Learning Objectives focus on the knowledge and skills students will acquire from studying the chapter.
  • Chapter Overviews provide a preview of chapter contents.
  • Key Terms are highlighted and defined in boxed areas as they appear in the chapter, with a full Glossary of all terms.
  • Examples are clearly set apart from the rest of the chapter material for easier review and studying purposes.
  • Running Database Examples — examples using the University database and chapter problems use the Order Entry database, as well as other databases with clear separation from surrounding text.
  • Closing Thoughts summarize chapter content in relation to the learning objectives.
  • Review of Concepts recap all highlights, not only terminology.
  • Questions provide reinforce learning of chapter concepts.
  • Problems help students practice and implement the detailed skills they’ve learned.
  • References for Further Study point students to additional sources of information.
  • Chapter Appendixes provide additional details, convenient summaries of SQL syntax, and other topics beyond normal chapter coverage.

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