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Decisional Dialogues in a Cultural Context

Decisional Dialogues in a Cultural Context
Structured Exercises

First Edition

September 1996 | 148 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A practical, creative resource, Decisional Interviewing in a Cultural Context provides a workbook approach to learning interviewing skills. Offering hands-on experience with otherwise abstract concepts, this book contains numerous activities and exercises that help the interviewer understand the cultural context of decisional interviewing. In addition to the exercises, brief critical incidents illustrate the kinds of multicultural situations one might experience. Perfect for use in the classroom, in group formats, or as a part of continuing professional growth, the exercises and critical incident case examples provide safe structures for learning about one's own and contrasting cultural contexts with minimal risk. Cultivating sensitivity to ethnographic, demographic, status, and affiliation differences between people, this workbook guides users toward more accurate assessments, more meaningful understanding, and more appropriate interventions. Students who want to practice their multicultural skills, faculty members who teach courses in counseling, clinical psychology, or social work, as well as professionals who want to sharpen their multicultural awareness in decisional interviewing will find the exercises and critical incidents in this workbook engaging and informative.

Structured Exercises and Experiences to Increase Awareness
Structured Exercises and Experiences to Increase Knowledge
Structures Exercises and Experiences to Increase Skill
Critical Incidents to Demonstrate Awareness, Knowledge, and Skill

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ISBN: 9780761903031