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Designing Human Resource Management Systems

Designing Human Resource Management Systems
A Leader's Guide

First Edition

September 2012 | 344 pages | SAGE Response
Designing Human Resource Management Systems provides a framework for designing and implementing Human Resource Management systems in various kinds of organizations, even those with limited resources. It is intended for leaders, decision makers, senior managers, HR practitioners, and consultants wishing to innovate, structure, and implement HRM systems in organizations—irrespective of their class, nature, category, or size.

The coverage of concepts and relevant theories pertaining to each system and sub-system—job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, 360-degree feedback, mentoring and executive coaching, and reward management— is comprehensive, but presented in brief. The guidelines present a logical, simple, and easy-to-adopt approach. The practical guidelines also have examples related to what can possibly go wrong and therefore what to guard against. The book has relevant tools, questionnaires, forms, policies, and other aspects of utility for designing each HRM sub-system.

Job Analysis
Human Resource Planning
Recruitment and Selection
Performance Management Systems
Training and Development
360-degree Feedback
Mentoring and Executive Coaching
Reward Management
HR Policies and Procedures

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ISBN: 9788132108962