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Developing the Practice of Counselling

Developing the Practice of Counselling

June 1994 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Challenging, yet supportive, this volume contains thirty useful hints and reminders to help trainee and practicing therapists to examine and improve key areas of their work. Developing the Practice of Counseling, which transcends different counseling theories, encourages therapists to focus on areas that they feel may need special attention. Assuming that readers are already familiar with the fundamentals of counseling and have begun to work with clients, the authors are sensitive to the issues and problems therapists face in their everyday practice. They cover topics such as the formation of an ethical and effective alliance, working with effective tasks and goals, identifying and addressing clients' obstacles to change, and professional knowledge and self-reflection.

Forming an Ethical and Effective Alliance
Understanding and Working with Effective Tasks and Goals
Identifying and Addressing Clients' Obstacles to Change
Helping Clients to Consolidate Their Change and Move On
Developing Professional Knowledge and Self-Reflection

`The format is easy to access and stimulates reflection on practice' - International Review of Psychiatry

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ISBN: 9780803989405

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