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Digital Media Economics

Digital Media Economics
A Critical Introduction

December 2023 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written for a wide audience, from undergraduate and graduate students to citizens and activists, this book will teach you about how economics has influenced the digital technologies that we use every day.  Most media textbooks won't tell you much about economic terms, concepts or principles; this book will explain to you the economic theory and history underpinning everything from advertising to computers, social networking sites and streaming services. With examples ranging from Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter to Amazon and the world of online shopping, Caraway offers a personal perspective about today's media technologies that will enrich your understanding of their technical, cultural, and social significance.

Providing a comprehensive introduction to the basics of economics and putting theory into practice, Caraway offers an expansive approach to media economics in action.  The book includes:

- chapters on early economic thought and political economy
- a two-part overview of the foundations of economics 
- a wide range of examples covering topics such as advertising, user-generated content and smartphones

The detail and depth of this book, with its up-to-date case studies and broad approach, makes it the essential introduction to economics for media students.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Approaches to the Economics of ICTs
Chapter 2: Early Economic Thought
Chapter 3: Classical Political Economy
Chapter 4: Foundations in Economics Part 1
Chapter 5: Foundations in Economics Part 2
Chapter 6: Introduction to Media Economics
Chapter 7: Economic History of Modern Communication Networks
Chapter 8: Advertising
Chapter 9: Computers and Smartphones
Chapter 10: User-Generated Content
Chapter 11: Social Networking Sites
Chapter 12: Streaming Services

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