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Doing Work Based Research

Doing Work Based Research
Approaches to Enquiry for Insider-Researchers

March 2010 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With the growth of practitioner research, this book leads the way by addressing key issues faced by 'insider researchers' – those doing research projects in the organizations and communities in which they themselves work, or where they are already familiar with the setting.

The authors explore the implications of these research contexts, and discuss approaches and methodologies that researchers in these contexts might adopt, with a particular focus on ethics - one of the key concerns for students undertaking a research project of this type.

This book is for anyone undertaking a research project based on work practice, including postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral students. Students on work-based programs or modules including education, healthcare and business courses, whose research projects are often undertaken in workplace settings, will find it particularly useful.

Key Concepts for the Insider-Researcher
Search and Review of Relevant Knowledge and Information
Research Ethics and Insider-Researchers
Privilege, Power and Politics in Work-Based Research
Gaining Access for the Insider-Researcher: Issues, Practices, Audiences, Ethics and Gratitude
Learning Contracts/Agreements and Intellectual Capital
Developing a Methodology
Collaborative Research
A Reflection on Professional Practice
Work-Based Research in Action
The Development of a Research Proposal
Preparing and Evaluating Project Outcomes and Then Assessing the Learning Achieved
Recommendations and Presentations Arising from the Research

As the majority of education students conduct small scale research within their own teaching context, this text could become very sought after. It discusses most key they should consider - from the original concept of the project through to the final write up. The section on methods of disseminating information is a little too brief however, perhaps the publication would benefit from including elements such as preparing an academic poster which would probably be the most frequent method most work based researchers use to present their findings.

Mr Peter Tunnicliffe
Faculty of Education,Health & Sciences, Derby University
July 19, 2011

Very usefu l for 'insider' researchers particularly for those doing a PhD

Professor Paul Trowler
Dept of Educational Research, Lancaster University
July 17, 2011

Useful background reading for for practice based disciplines and for those who may need to carry out research in their own organisation.

Mrs Marina Stott
Social Work , Anglia Ruskin University
June 27, 2011

This is a readable and accessable book that provides a thorough resource for those working towards professional masters

Dr Ruth Pilkington
Education and Social Sciences, Central Lancashire University
June 23, 2011

The text provides a thorough introduction to issues, methods and processes around work based research. This is a highly relevant area for HE research and addreses particularly well the needs of postgraduates on professional masters and doctoral awards. It is readable and well presented.

Dr Ruth Pilkington
Dept of Education and Social Science, Central Lancashire University
June 23, 2011

The book is especially useful for those students who want to present the case of the company they are currently working for. I also recommend the book for those who want to write their bachelor thesis about a topic which is related with the company they have been working for.

Mr Martin Dastig
Marketing , Berlin School of Economics
May 16, 2011

This text provides a useful insight an guidence into the area of work based research by practitioners. It will be particularly useful for our Post Graduate students who are engaging in projects within thier work base as part of their post graduate training and development.

Miss Carole Southall
Health, Community and Education Studies, Northumbria University
May 12, 2011

A well written back that covers main areas for students

Dr Colin Griffiths
Higher Education Afan Campus, Neath Port Talbot College
March 17, 2011

This is an accessible and thought provoking text, which encourages students to consider the many aspects of work based research. This is helped with sets of discussion questions at the ends of chapters and sections within chapters which clearly illustrate and define key areas.

Dr Alaster Douglas
School of Education, Roehampton University
February 11, 2011

A very useful text for students who are basing their research in either their own business or the business in which they are employed. It deals particularly well with the ethical considerations that are so important with this type of research.

Ms Rita Walsh
School of Business, Royal Agricultural College
January 26, 2011

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