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Early Childhood Theories Today

Early Childhood Theories Today

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August 2022 | 168 pages | Learning Matters
If you work in the early years, you have probably heard of Montessori and Bronfenbrenner - but have you heard of Bavolek or Fisher? Contemporary theorists and theories of early childhood learning have much to teach us. It is often forgotten that this learning is still evolving and that new voices are joining the discussion every year.

This book introduces early years practitioners to some contemporary theorists and explores their work alongside more well-known thinkers. It demonstrates how these theories relate to everyday practice in the early years and that discussion of them can support ongoing professional learning.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Bronfenbrenner
Chapter 3 Bavolek
Chapter 4 Bordieu
Chapter 5 Malaguzzi
Chapter 6 Page
Chapter 7 Montessori
Chapter 8 Mcmillan / Owen
Chapter 9 Bertram and Pascal
Chapter 10 Bronfenbrenner
Chapter 11 Fisher
Chapter 12 Jarvis
Chapter 13 Conclusion / Reflections

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