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Education Policy

Education Policy

May 2013 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the pace of change in education policy? This essential book takes an historical perspective to illuminate current educational issues. The authors draw on documentary evidence to describe, record and analyze education policy in England and Wales since the Second World War.

Inside you will find in-depth interviews with a number of former Education Ministers, and others who were directly involved in the development and implementation of education policy. Key decision-makers such as David Blunkett, Ed Balls and Michael Gove are asked to discuss the historical context of their period of office and to consider the lasting legacy of the policies they have been responsible for.

This is a must-read for graduate students in education courses. It will be a valuable resource to undergraduates studying modern history and social policy, as well as international students who wish to gain an insight of the English education system. From Butler to Balls and beyond, this book provides a unique insight into the impact and legacy of education policy.

1944-1960: The Post-War Consensus: Education for All?
1960-1969: A Decade of Social and Legislative Innovation
1970-1979: The Breakdown of Consensus
1979-1987: Introduction of Competition into Education
1988-1992: Education Reform: A Period of Turbulence
1992-1997: Education Practice under the Microscope
1997-2001: The First Labour Government since 1979
2001-2007: The Second Phase of the Labour Government
2007-2010: The Final Part of the New Labour Project

'Everyone who has been to school has a view on education. For a chosen few, that experience can become a vision. Education Policy, via interviews with several Secretaries of State for Education and a supporting analytical commentary, provides a fascinating insight and historical appraisal of English policy rationale. A splendid read'
- Dr David Kitchener, Reader in Education, University of Bolton

'In charting the history of education policy this book acts as a reminder to all that the education policy of any given era does not exist in a vacuum, but rather that whilst it might promote a particular ideal of education it does so in a context with embedded traditions and beliefs derived from prior generations of policy. I think this book should be compulsory reading, not only for people interested in the history of education policy, but also for policy makers to remind them of this inheritance and of what has gone before'
-Dr Andrew Townsend, University of Nottingham

A clear analysis into the the impact of education policy reform and the results in a range of education sectors; essential for students looking to complete research at all levels of UG and MA study.

Mr Julian Ayres
School of Education and Community, Wrexham Glyndwr University
October 17, 2023

This as been a useful book for me to build my teaching resources from. I definitely consider this a good resource for lecture preparation.

Dr Sana Rizvi
Education and Early Childhood Studies, Liverpool John Moores University
February 18, 2022

Very current, well written and helps with module requirements

Miss Helen Thornalley
Education, St Mary's University, Twickenham
October 22, 2016

A very accessible text for newcomers to the study of education policy

Miss Caroline Ann Meredith
Department of Education Studies, Bishop Grosseteste University
June 23, 2016

It fits in nicely with our first year module 'Education and Social Policy'

Dr Alexander Kosogorin
School of Education, Nottingham Trent University
May 20, 2016

Gives a detailed history of education policy and reforms in the UK, written in an interesting and engaging way.

Mrs Samantha Smith
HSCFL, South Devon College
April 19, 2016

This book in accompanying the reading for the module Context and Policy for Children.

Mrs Alison Milner
HSCFL, South Devon College
June 15, 2015

This supported my study on a critical education module, excellent. Current information on education policy. Very useful.

Mrs Joanne Heyes
Educational Foundations , Riverside College Halton
October 10, 2015

Really good overview of educational policy. Very accessible and useful at M level and beyond.

Ms Louise Lambert
Faculty of Education, Birmingham City University
February 24, 2015

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