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Educational Research and Evidence-based Practice

Educational Research and Evidence-based Practice

Edited by:

July 2007 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Combining classic articles that have been key markers in recent debates with new and influential material, this book addresses the problems involved in educational research and the issues surrounding its contribution to policymaking and practice.

The authors examine the diverse approaches within qualitative research and address some of the key areas which have attracted criticism. They consider what role research should play and examine the case for randomised controlled trials and for action research.

The book is suitable for any undergraduate or postgraduate student concerned with educational research methodology, as well as those focusing on educational policy and practice, and students doing PhDs and EdDs.

1. Teaching as a research-based profession: possibilities and prospects. David Hargreaves
2. Educational research and teaching: a response to David Hargreaves' TTA Lecture. Martyn Hammersley
3. In defence of research for evidence-based teaching: a rejoinder to Martyn Hammersley. David Hargreaves
4. A reply to Hargreaves. Martyn Hammersley
5. Making evidence-based practice educational. John Elliott
6. Making Evidence-based practice educational: a rejoinder to John Elliott. Ann Oakley
7. Evidence-informed policy and practice: challenges for social science. Ann Oakley
8. Intellectuals or technicians? The urgent role of theory in educational studies. Stephen J Ball
9. Beyond reflection: contingency, idiosyncrasy and reflexivity in initial teacher education. Alex Moore
10. On the kinds of research in educational settings. Michael Bassey
11. The paradigm wars and their aftermath: a "historical" sketch of research on teaching since 1989. Nathaniel Gage
12. Action research. Stephen Kemmis
13. Increasing the generalisability of qualitative research. Janet W Schofield
14. Critical incidents and learning about risks: the case of young people and their health. Martyn Denscombe
15. Interrogating the discourse of home-school relations: the case of parents' evenings. Maggie MacLure with Barbara Walker
16. Labouring to learn?: industrial training for slow learners. Paul Atkinson, David Shone and Teresa Rees
17. An appraisal of Labouring to learn. Martyn Hammersley
18. The obviousness of social and educational research results. Nathaniel Gage

Whilst this book is useful it is not suitable for Level 3 learning.

Mrs Jane Cuthbert
Dental Academy, Portsmouth University
June 7, 2021

This text book has been useful for students who are interested in social and educational research. However, some of our undergraduate students may find the discussions on policymaking and educational research confusing.

Mr Sean Creaney
Centre for Childhood Studies, Stockport College
February 19, 2013

Hammersley writes with great passion and conviction in his opening to this text. He draws attention to some important debates on evdience-based practice and I enjoyed the way the book has been edited together to draw out these debates. My only criticism would be a bit more clarity around defining the current beliefs about EBP and perhaps more about evdience based myths or where evidence shows harm.

Mr Justin Dunne
Institute for Education and Publis Services, Gloucestershire University
November 15, 2012

This book is fantastic and Martyn Hammersley is a leading academic in this field. I strongly encourage the adoption of this book for any research course.

Ms Claudia Bordogna
Dept of Transport and Logistics, Huddersfield University
September 27, 2011

A good book for post graduate students researching their own practice.

Mrs Heather Macdonald
Education , Chester University
November 23, 2010

This books is very useful reading for novice researchers offering clear illustration of the use of EBP in education practice

Mrs Valerie Keating
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
November 10, 2009

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