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Enforcing Police Accountability through Civilian Oversight

Enforcing Police Accountability through Civilian Oversight

First Edition

July 2010 | 212 pages | SAGE India

This book explores the sensitive issue of police accountability to civilian oversight bodies to control police excesses. At the center of the discourse lies the tacit acknowledgement that the enormous power and authority invested in the police does lead to corruption and excesses unless adequate checks and balances are installed. The book analyzes these checks and balances and how these can be made more effective. It puts forth a cross-national study of internal and external mechanisms for enforcing police accountability, and critically appraises the effectiveness of civilian oversight bodies. It also touches upon the working of National Human Rights Commission of India.

While supporting the role of civil oversight bodies in enforcing police accountability, the author also discusses scenarios of police resistance which have often paralyzed the functioning of oversight bodies in Australia, Canada, and the United States. As a solution, he recommends that the primary object of an oversight body should not be only to inquire into complaints against police and recommend action against the defaulting officers, but also to highlight systemic inadequacies and recommend changes in policies and procedures.

This book will be extremely valuable to professionals in police academies, public administration and state security commissions, and human rights activists.

Foreword by Justice M N Venkatachaliah
Police Accountability
Control by External Agencies
Civilian Oversight Bodies
Policing the Police: Experience in the United Kingdom
Police Oversight in Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Public Complaint Commission
Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland
Independent Complaints Directorate
Police Complaints Authority: Australia
Police Oversight in Brazil
National Human Rights Commission and Police Oversight
Requirements for a Successful Oversight Body
Police Oversight in USA
Police Reforms in India and Neighboring Countries

A must acquire for police officers, young executives in public administration, human rights organizations and intelligentsia who believe in bringing reforms for good governance.

Defence Watch

The book has raised many issues which will attract the attention of not only the serving police officers but also researchers, educationists, lawyers and people from other sections of the society. 

Journal of Human Values

Anybody doing research on the subject will have tremendous access to an authentic resource-base in this book. The writer is a prolific contributor on various aspects of police and policing with long practical experience of police work as well as human rights activities. He is perhaps best equipped to collate such data with proper care and wisdom and that is why this book is such a valuable addition to the discourse.

The Statesman

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ISBN: 9788132104537

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