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Essentials of Clinical Social Work

Essentials of Clinical Social Work

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January 2014 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This brief version of Jerrold R. Brandell’s Theory & Practice of Clinical Social Work assembles coverage of the most vital topics for courses in Clinical Social Work/Advanced Practice. Written by established contributors in the field, this anthology addresses frameworks for treatment, therapeutic modalities, specialized clinical issues and themes, and dilemmas encountered in clinical social work practice. Now available in paperback and roughly half the size of the full-length version, Essentials of Clinical Social Work comes at a reduced cost for students who need to learn the basics of the course.

Bruce Friedman, Karen Allen
Systems Theory
Bruce Thyer, Laura Myers
Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
Fredric Perlman
Psychoanalytic Theory
Dennis Miehls
Neurobiology and Clinical Social Work
Alan Levy
Clinical Practice with Children
Randolph Lucente
Clinical Social Work with Adolescents
Froma Walsh
Family Therapy
Donald Granvold
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Adults
Fredric Perlman
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adults
Joan Lesser
Group Treatment with Children and Adolescents
Charles Garvin
Group Treatment with Adults
Roberta Graziano
The Challenge of Clinical Work with Survivors of Trauma
Martha Bragin
Clinical Social Work in Conditions of Disaster and Terrorism
Jerrold Brandell
Dynamic Approaches to Brief and Time-Limited Clinical Social Work
Maryann Amodeo, Luz Lopez
Social Work Interventions with Alcohol and Drug Problems
Peggy Brunhofer
Loss and Mourning: A Life Cycle Perspective


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Systemic practice clearly set out in easy to understand language and prose. Helpful chapters breaks down learning for students. Learning whilst focused on clinical practice is written a way can be interpreted for social work. The way the content is set out, helps students locate which schools of thought within systemic practice they are in/using. Content in the book was used for a number of sessions in the module. Good basic text. May be adopted as Essential text depending on development of the module going forward.

Mrs Sophie Bate
Department of Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University
February 18, 2019

I found this book to be most interesting in terms of the different chapters on theories and context to the use and understanding.

For practising social workers and managers the book will provide greater insight to these theories that you would have studied at either undergraduate or post graduate level in making sense or rather revisiting with practice experience behind you.

Mr Robert Bielby
faculty of health and social care sciences, Kingston University
January 24, 2015
Key features


  • Now available in paperback and 400 pages shorter than the full-length version, Essentials comes at a reduced cost for students who need to learn the basics of clinical social work
  • Carefully devised methods, models, and techniques compiled by leading figures in the field
  • Coverage of fundamental theoretical frameworks and systems that include systems theory, behavioral and cognitive theories, psychoanalytic theory, neurobiology, and specific applications on working with children, adolescents, adults, and in groups
  • Special topics coverage that includes working with survivors of trauma, disaster and terrorism, brief and time limited treatment, death and loss and alcohol and drugs, comprehensive anthology addressing frameworks for treatment, therapeutic modalities, and specialized clinical issues, themes, and dilemmas encountered in clinical social work practice
  • Discussion of the evidentiary base for clinical practice
  • Clinical illustrations in many chapters that offer valuable information about therapeutic process dimensions and the use of specialized methods and clinical techniques
  • Coverage of the need-to-know course fundamentals at a manageable length and affordable price

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