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Essentials of Psychology

Essentials of Psychology

First Edition
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January 2022 | 808 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Recipient of the 2024 Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) Most Promising New Textbook Award
This award recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials.

Psychology exists all around us. It influences politics, policy, social interactions, teaching and learning science, and even workplace practices. In Essentials of Psychology, authors Saul Kassin, Gregory J. Privitera, and Krisstal D. Clayton propel students into a clear, vibrant understanding of psychological science with an integrative, learn-by-doing approach. Students assume the role of a psychologist, carrying out experiments; and making predictions. Compelling storytelling, real-life examples, and the authors’ active practice approach encourages critical thinking and engagement.

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Student Success Guide
Moments in Psychology Around the World
Chapter 1 Psychology and Its Methods
Chapter 2 Behavioral Neuroscience
Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception
Chapter 4 Consciousness
Chapter 5 Learning
Chapter 6 Memory
Chapter 7 Thought, Language, and Intelligence
Chapter 8 Personality
Chapter 9 Life Span Development and Its Contexts
Chapter 10 Social and Cultural Influences
Chapter 11 Motivation and Emotion
Chapter 12 Health, Stress, and Wellness
Chapter 13 Psychological Disorders
Chapter 14 Treatment and Interventions
Appendix: Statistics in Psychology


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Good range of topics covered and written in an accessible way. It is suited to a L4 Intro to Psychology module rather than a L3 Access course, therefore added to reading list rather than as a core text.

Mr Nasrullah Anwar
Public Services, Runshaw College - Chorley
October 20, 2022
Key features
This text is available as a digital option through SAGE Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that offers auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including video—all designed to enable students to better prepare for class. Learn more.

What’s Your Prediction? activities
prompt students to critically consider research methods and their own assumptions about human behavior. Students take on the role of subject, experimenter, or observer, placing themselves into the details of each study and predicting results. 

Psychology Applied spotlights some of the most exciting work being done in areas of health, education, law, sports, and current events, enabling students to see the relevance of psychology as an active participant.

Bite-sized videos support understanding and the applications of foundational studies and concepts.

Psychology Experiment Exercises allows students to learn about experiments such as Gibson’s Visual Cliff and Bandura’s social learning theory, helping them understand the real-world significance and application of these well-known experiments.

Concepts in Action dig deeper into tough concepts, such as differentiating between classical and operant conditioning, difficult biological functions, and types of stress.

Try This! activities guide students through mini-experiments so that they can test intriguing psychological phenomena for themselves. For instance, the “Primacy Effect” activity provides materials to test how something as simple as the order of words can impact our attitudes toward a stranger. 

Periodic Learning Checks in each chapter enable students to review their knowledge by quizzing themselves on the material in a variety of formats, such as matching, sorting, recall, ordering, multiple-choice, and true-or-false.

Thinking Like a Psychologist sections at the end of each chapter prompt students to assume the role of psychologist, considering scientific questions, a summary of related findings, challenging readers to critically consider key theories, studies, and pertinent contextual factors.
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