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Ethnography in Nursing Research

Ethnography in Nursing Research

November 1999 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book describes the principles and methods of ethnography used by researchers (particularly nursing researchers) who examine issues related to health and illness. The authors describe both the processes related to gaining access to the "field" as well as how to: - Conduct ethnographic research in health settings - Analyze and interpret the data you collect from your field work - Make ethical decisions related to the role of being an ethnographer in a health setting, and - Put your ideas into writing so that you can create an ethnographic research proposal Written at a level appropriate for those who have taken an undergraduate research methods course, this book will enable you to learn from people about their health and/or illness.

Overview of Ethnography
Ethnography as Method
Headwork and Footwork
What to Do Before Writing the Proposal

Writing the Research Proposal
Getting Your Foot in the Door
Now Go Do It!
What to Do with All That Data
Ethical Responsibilities

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