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Evaluation Time

Evaluation Time
A Practical Guide for Evaluation

September 2022 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book is an accessible, contemporary, and comprehensive guide to the concepts and practice of evaluation. Authors Gail Vallance Barrington and Beverly Triana-Tremain integrate new approaches and concerns, and classic frameworks with practical tools that readers can use to design evaluation studies. They show how evaluators measure whether the planned and implemented interventions or services are achieving their goals and objectives, while focusing on the questions most important to the community and organizations in which the evaluation takes place. The book stresses the role of critical and evaluative thinking, as well as self-reflection, and demonstrates the importance of context and equity in today’s turbulent environment, offering a new stance for evaluators to support global as well as local issues.

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Part 1 Fundamentals of Evaluation
Chapter 1 The Scope of Evaluation
Chapter 2 How Evaluators Think
Chapter 3 Program Logic
Part 2 Evaluation and the Program Life Cycle
Chapter 4 Pre- and Early Program Evaluation
Chapter 5 Mid-Cycle Program Evaluation
Chapter 6 End of Cycle Program Evaluation
Part 3 Evaluation Methods
Chapter 7 Using Quantitative Methods in Evaluation
Chapter 8 Using Qualitative Methods in Evaluation
Chapter 9 Using Mixed Methods in Evaluation
Part 4 Communicating about Evaluation
Chapter 10 The Evaluation Plan
Chapter 11 Communication, Reporting, and Use
Chapter 12 Evaluation Context and the Evaluator’s New Stance


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Scholarly excellence and current

Dr Krisanna Machtmes
Education Studies Dept, Ohio University
February 3, 2024

This book will be great for an evaluation course. Since evaluation is cover during only 1 week, this book, unfortunately, will not work for me. However, I might teach a course on evaluation in a couple of years, so I might reconsider this book.

Alexandre Mesquita
Education, Universite de Sherbrooke
February 14, 2023
Key features
  • Mind Maps orient readers to the concepts in the book.
  • Learning Objectives are coupled with the Main Ideas at the end of the chapter for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Lead Stories are intended to pique students’ interest and warm them up for the chapter ahead.
  • Examples of evaluation studies that embody the concepts presented are provided throughout the book.
  • Metaphors from everyday life help readers visualize the concepts under discussion.
  • Figures, Tables, and Boxes help readers with different learning styles gain and retain information.
  • Spotlights on Equity highlight real evaluators and their solutions to evaluation challenges.
  • Expert Corners feature carefully selected professionals who are deep thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.
  • Key Terms that are specific to the evaluation field are bolded the first time they appear in the book, and their definitions are provided in the Glossary.
  • The Main Ideas list 10 statements related to important chapter content.
  • Critical Thinking Questions push students to think harder and deeper about what they have just read.
  • Student Challenges encourage students to investigate specific aspects of the evaluation field and apply the concepts in practical ways.
  • Additional Readings and Resources are curated lists that include related journal articles that illuminate concepts presented in each chapter, tools to use in an evaluation, evaluation examples, books for further reading, and guidance documents on evaluation best practices.

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