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Family Therapy

Family Therapy
Models and Techniques

July 2010 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc


This text offers a straightforward, comprehensive overview of both traditional and evolving theoretical models of family therapy and intervention techniques as well as a discussion of clinical issues unique to family therapy practice. Aiming to prepare students to develop beginning proficiency in family therapy, the authors outline major family therapy models in detail, including a step by step description of concepts, theories, skills, and techniques as well as a history of each model and its conceptual and theoretical underpinnings. The text also provides extensive case illustrations of family interviews that identify the specific stages, clinical issues, concepts, theories and techniques associated with each model.

This core text is designed for graduate level courses such as Family Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Marriage and Family Counseling, Family Systems Theory, and Family Counseling in departments of social work, psychology, nursing, education, or human services.


PART I: Introduction and Background
1. The History of Family Therapy: Conceptual and Clinical Influences
2. The Ecology of Families: A Systems/Developmental Perspective
3. Ethnicity and Family Life
Part II: Models of Family Therapy
4. Communications/Humanistic Family Therapy
5. Family of Origin Family Therapy
6. Structural Family Therapy
7. Strategic Family Therapy
8. Solution-Focused Family Therapy
9. Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy
10. Narrative Family Therapy
Part III: Clinical Issues in Family Therapy
11. Phases of Family Therapy
12. Families in Transition: Alternative Family Patterns
13. Family Stress, Crisis, and Trauma: Building Family Resilience
14. Family Therapy Research: Implications for the Practicing Family Therapist
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About the Authors

An exciting book examining family therapy from a range of approaches. An essential text for family and couple therapists to expand their knowledge of althernative approaches to family work. It was a pleasure to see humanistic approaches alongside systemic and psychodynamic, to name a few. The writing style, although rich in technical detail, is accessible and readble.

Mr John Dixon
Counselling, Cleveland & Redcar College
November 23, 2010

Excellent overview of all family therapy models. Can use as basis of course before students go to literature to get latest updates.

Dr Kathleen Patusky
Nursing Dept, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Nursing
October 20, 2010
Key features
  • Offers thorough coverage of the philosophy, concepts, theories, and techniques of pioneer family therapist Virginia Satir's Communications/ Humanistic Family Therapy Model
  • Includes family life cycle and development issues
  • Addresses interventions involving special issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and poverty
  • Provides a separate chapter on generic clinical issues related to family therapy

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