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Family Violence in the United States

Family Violence in the United States
Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse

Third Edition
  • Denise A. Hines - George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, USA, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA
  • Kathleen Malley-Morrison - Boston University, USA
  • Leila B. Dutton - University of New Haven, USA

August 2020 | 712 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Part I: Defining and Understanding Abuse
1. Issues in The Definition of Family Violence and Abuse
2. Cultural Contexts of Family Violence
Part II: Child Maltreatment
3. Child Physical Maltreatment
4. Child Sexual Maltreatment
5. Child Neglect and Psychological Maltreatment
6. Prevention and Intervention in Child Maltreatment
Part III: Intimate Partner Maltreatment
7. Maltreatment of Women by Male Partners
8. Maltreatment of Men by Female Partners
9. Maltreatment in College Student Relationships
10. Maltreatment in Sexual Minority Relationships
11. Intervention and Prevention in Intimate Partner Violence
Part IV: Other Types of Family Maltreatment
12. Maltreatment of Older Adults
13. Maltreatment of Siblings and Parents by Children and Adolescents
Part V: Conclusion
14. Looking Back and Looking Forward
Key features

New to the Second Edition

  • New Chapter 6: Prevention and Intervention in Child Maltreatment 
  • New Chapter 11: Intimate Partner Violence Intervention and Prevention
  • New Chapter 14: Looking Back and Looking Forward
  • Fully updated Chapter 2 which includes Cultural Contexts of Family Violence (Chapter 11-13 from the 2nd edition are now streamlined into Chapter 2) 
  • Race and Ethnicity (formerly Chapter 12 in the 2nd edition) as well as Religion (formerly Chapter 13 in the 2nd edition) have been integrated throughout the text to give them more context 
  • New Chapter 12 on Maltreatment of Older Adults (formerly covered in Chapter 9 of the 2nd edition and was combined with Abuse of Persons with Disabilities) 
  • Abuse of Persons with Disabilities is now integrated throughout the text to give it context
  • New glossary of key terms and acronyms has been added to support student learning and retention

Key Features

  • Summary sections and discussion questions at the end of every chapter provide a chapter wrap-up and checkpoint for students.
  • "Hidden forms" of family violence are given extensive discussion, including the sexual abuse of female partners, maltreatment in sibling relationships, maltreatment of parents by children, and the maltreatment of people with disabilities.
  • Thought-provoking questions, peppered in Socratic style throughout the text, prompt readers to critically evaluate their own and others' notions of abuse and maltreatment.
  • Real case studies of family violence illustrate concepts being discussed and engage readers in thinking about and questioning issues in family violence.
  • Special Issue sections highlight new, and sometimes controversial, aspects of different forms of family violence.

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ISBN: 9781506394954