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Fertility Transition in South India

Fertility Transition in South India

First Edition
Edited by:

December 2004 | 452 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book documents the various phases of fertility transition in India. It argues that this transition is best understood as the cumulative effect of behavioural changes - such as delay in marriage and use of contraceptives - which over time has altered social perceptions on fertility. The authors argue that going beyond the formal tools of demography and adopting a qualitative approach would help in understanding the social mechanisms that sustain the diffusion of new family norms.

A strength of the book is its development of an original geographical information system based on the census data from the micro-level. This system maps variations across regions within South India and within each state.

Christophe Z Guilmoto is Senior Fellow at the French Research Institute for Development (IRD), Paris.

S Irudaya Rajan is Associate Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

S Irudaya Rajan
Emerging Dempgraphic Change in South Asia

Ravindran Gopinath
South Indian Fertility in Past Times
The Colonial Period

S[ac]ebastien Oliveau
Mapping Out Fertility in South India
Methodology and Results

P Ramachandran and P Ramesh
Fertility Trends and Differentials in Andra Pradesh
T V Sekher, K N M Raju and M N Sivakumar
Fertility Transition in Karnataka
Levels, Trends and Implications

S Irudaya Rajan and Sabu Aliyar
Fertility in Kerala
S Irudaya Rajan, P M Kulkarni and T Thenmozhi
Fertility in Tamil Nadu
Levels and Recent Trends

S Krishnamoorthy, P M Kulkarni and N Audinarayana
Causes of Fertility Transition in Tamil Nadu
St[ac]ephanie Vella
Low Fertility and Female Discrimination in South India
The Puzzle of Salem District, Tamil Nadu

K N M Raju
Family and Fertility Decisions
An Anthropological Enquiry

K Srinivasan and S Kumar
Significance of Medical and Paramedical Personnel in Demographic Transition
An Empirical Analysis

Manisha Chakrabarty and Christophe Z Guilmoto
An Analysis of the Determinants of Fertility Behaviour in South India at the Village Level
K S James and S V Subramanian
Decline in Fertility in Andhra Pradesh
A Re-Examination of Conflicting Arguments

Christophe Z Guilmoto
Fertility Decline in India
Maps, Models and Hypotheses


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