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Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Whole Numbers

Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Whole Numbers
A Classroom Companion

August 2021 | 192 pages | Corwin
Because fluency practice is not a worksheet.

Fluency in mathematics is more than adeptly using basic facts or implementing algorithms. It is not about speed or recall. Real fluency is about choosing strategies that are efficient, flexible, lead to accurate solutions, and are appropriate for the given situation. Developing fluency is also a matter of equity and access for all learners. 

The landmark book Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning offered educators the inspiration to develop a deeper understanding of procedural fluency, along with a plethora of pragmatic tools for shifting classrooms toward a fluency approach. Now, teachers have the chance to apply that inspiration through explicit instruction and practice every day with the classroom companion Figuring Out Fluency: Addition and Subtraction with Whole Numbers. With this book, teachers can:

Dive deeper into the Significant Strategies for fluency explained in the anchor book
Learn how these strategies grow from and relate to the basic fact strategies children learn 
Access over 100 strategy-aligned and classroom-ready activities for fluency instruction and practice in adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers, including worked examples, routines, games, and centers
Find activities for assessing all components of addition and subtraction fluency plus support for engaging families 
Download all of the needed support tools, game boards, and other resources from the companion website for immediate implementation.

Give each and every student the knowledge and power to become skilled and confident mathematical thinkers and doers. 

Module 1 Count On/Count Back Strategy
Module 2 Make Tens (and Hundreds and Thousands)
Module 3 Partial Sums and Differences Strategy
Module 4 Compensation Strategy
Module 5 Think Addition Strategy
Module 6 Standard Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction

“This text provides a clear definition of what fluency really is and provides strategies to deepen students’ number sense and make them fluent mathematicians.”

Meghan Schofield

“I wish I’d had this book when I was in the classroom 10 years ago. The authors clearly lay out a pathway to procedural fluency, including intentional activities to understand and practice specific strategies, while also advocating for space for students to make decisions and feel empowered as mathematical thinkers and doers.”

Kristine M. Gettelman
CenterPoint Education

“This book is a must-read for teachers wanting to learn more about focused math fluency instruction. The steps are clear and easy to follow. You will have all the steps to help your students become fluent math thinkers.”

Carly Morales
District 93

“Are you ready to help your students connect their Number Talks and number routines to the real world? Figuring Out Fluency will give you the routines, games, protocols, and resources you need to help your students build their fluency in number sense (considering reasonableness, strategy selection, flexibility, and more). Our students deserve the opportunity to build a positive and confident mathematics identity. We can help support them to build this identity by providing them with access to a variety of strategies and the confidence to know when to use them.”

Sarah Gat
Upper Grand District School Board

Figuring Out Fluency goes beyond other resources currently on the market. It not only provides a robust collection of strategies and routines for developing fluency but also pays critical attention to the ways teachers can empower each and every student as a mathematical thinker who can make strategic decisions about their computation approaches. If you are looking for instruction and assessment approaches for fluency that move beyond getting the right answer, this is the resource for you.”

Nicole Rigelman
Portland State University

“This book should be on every teacher’s desk as a tool for building fluency. Many times, I teach a strategy and wonder why my students go back to a slower, less useful strategy. This book answers that question for me. The games give students a fun and engaging way to use a practice strategy. I can easily differentiate any game for a variety of learners.”

Barb Klein

Figuring Out Fluency provides a wealth of insightful examples and resources to support teachers, students, and parents in learning about and truly understanding computational fluency. As a math coach, I am excited to use this book to plan and teach meaningful lessons with teachers to model efficient strategies for students as they add and subtract.”

Marcy Myers
Carroll County Public Schools

“Being fluent is much more than solving problems quickly and accurately. This jam-packed resource brings clarity to what it means to be fluent with whole number addition and subtraction and provides numerous ideas for strategy instruction, purposeful practice, and assessment. It’s an absolute must-have for everyone who strives to support students in reaching the goal of fluency!!”

Susie Katt
Lincoln Public Schools

“This book is invaluable. SanGiovanni, Bay-Williams, and Serrano don’t just provide top tier content for educators, they include strategy briefs for families! I absolutely love the idea of including parents as “partners in the pursuit of fluency.””

Cherelle C. McKnight
P.O.W.E.R. Academic Strength and Conditioning

“The term math fluency may be interpreted in different ways depending on who you ask. This book clearly defines fluency and is a must-have resource for all educators working toward this goal with their students. Each module focuses on different strategies and ways to implement using parent resources, centers, games, and teaching tips. This is the book that you can read and put into immediate action in your classroom.”

Cindy Cliche
Murfreesboro City Schools

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