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Food and Drink Tourism

Food and Drink Tourism
Principles and Practice

First Edition

June 2016 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Dedicated to the growing field of food and drink tourism and culinary engagement, Sally Everett offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, embracing theories and examples from numerous subject disciplines.

Through a combination of critical theory reflections, real-life case studies, media excerpts and activities, examples of food and drink tourism around the world as well as a focus on employability, Food and Drink Tourism provides a comprehensive & engaging resource on the growing trend of food motivated travel & leisure.

Suitable for any student studying tourism, hospitality, events, sociology, marketing, business or cultural studies.

Introduction (An Appetiser)
Chapter 1: What is food and drink tourism?
Chapter 2: A history of culinary exploration and food tourism
Chapter 3: Identity development and the cultural dimension of food and drink
Chapter 4: Niche tourism and the growth of food-inspired travel
Chapter 5: The globalisation and localisation of food and drink
Chapter 6: Food, tourism and agricultural policy
Chapter 7: Wine Tourism and the development of 'winescapes'
Chapter 8: Marketing and branding food and drink tourism
Chapter 9: The role of media and social media in promoting food and drink tourism
Chapter 10: Managing food tourism: on-site marketing and interpretation
Chapter 11: Food assurance schemes, organisations and initiatives
Chapter 12: The transformation of place through food and drink
Chapter 13: Food and drink festivals, events and markets
Chapter 14: Food- and drink-inspired events: the weird and wonderful
Chapter 15: Following food and drink: tours, trails and routes
Chapter 16: Food and drink visitor attractions
Chapter 17: Beverage tourism: drinking to experience people and place
Chapter 18: The role of food and drink tourism in sustainable development
Chapter 19: When consumers become producers
Chapter 20: The food and drink tourism supply chain
Chapter 21: Local food and drink in the hospitality industry
Chapter 22: The future of food and drink tourism

This mouth-watering text explores more elements of the food tourism phenomenon than any book before it. It coalesces aspects of scientific research with the management and business implications of food and drink tourism. Sally Everett’s astute erudition of food-based tourism manifests comprehensively, robustly and delectably in this indispensable work of essential reading for all students and scholars of tourism and hospitality.

Dallen J. Timothy
Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, USA

The food tourism industry is barely 15 years old and there is still a lot for our industry to learn. This book is a welcome addition in the growing compendium of food tourism literature. Sally Everett brings us a valuable new resource aimed at anyone who is interested in the role of food and drink in the tourism industry, and supports students exploring a career in this important and growing sector.

Erik Wolf
Executive Director and Founder, World Food Travel Association

This book is a must read for anyone serious about understanding the increasing role that food and drink plays in tourism today. Sally Everett has produced a comprehensive text that covers not only the academic discourse on the subject from both a descriptive and experiential perspective, but complements this with the practical application of situating food and drink tourism within a myriad of destinations and visitor spaces.  This is essential reading on any module that examines food and drink tourism as emergent niches within contemporary tourism.

Professor Stephen Boyd,
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ulster University, UK

This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of relevant interrelationships, and is warmly recommended to anyone working in this emerging field.

Professor Stefan Gössling
Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Lund University, Sweden

The book is too specific...

Professor Dirk Reiser
Society and economy, University of Applied Sciences Rhine Waal
December 8, 2016

A thoroughly enjoyable read in what is nowadays a significant industry. This book is well written and the author brings excellent insights as one of the leading authors in this field.

Mr Robert Bowen
School of Management & Business, Aberystwyth University
April 25, 2016

This book provides additional information for students interested in gastronomy, tourism or cultural awareness. The author provides a new resource for the growing food and drink tourism industry

Mr Emmet McLoughlin
Marketing Department , Leisure and Tourism, Sligo Institute of Technology
March 1, 2016

Food and drink tourism is a special interests tourism. Now it becomes a trend for many destinations to attract tourist arrivals. Food and drink tourism is also an important travel style in the international tourism context.

Dr Hanqun Song
Department of Hospitality Management, Huddersfield University
April 1, 2016

This is an excellent and essential text for anyone involved in researching or teaching gastronomy, tourism or cultural awareness programmes.

Mr Paul Matthews
School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, University College Birmingham
May 4, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 - What is Food and Drink Tourism?

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