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Foundations of Nursing Theory

Foundations of Nursing Theory
Contributions of 12 Key Theorists

January 1995 | 664 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"This is a useful text for the seasoned practitioner seeking a greater understanding of nursing philosophies. If other volumes in the series also summarize the contributions of key theorists and/or present the basis of nursing theory, the rationale for gaining an understanding of the professional theories, and the relationship of the theories to practice, the series as a whole would be very beneficial to the student nurse and the practitioner in professional nursing."

--Health Values

"This book presents in detail 12 leading nursing theories. Complex material is presented in interesting ways, usually contextualized within both the theorist's background and related theoretical material. With allegiant reference to the original works of the theorists, the book informs with a forthright presentation that is concise, substantive, and thorough. . . . This is a commendably useful and usable presentation of nursing theory. It condenses the most relevant aspects of each theoretical approach, related research, and clinical and nonclinical applications. Often with pithy conciseness, it helps fill a need for ready access to diverse and complex material."

--Doody's Nursing and Allied Health Book Review

Addressing many of the primary conceptual frameworks and theories in nursing, Foundations of Nursing Theory offers concise, informative descriptions of nursing's philosophical origins. This compilation of works from the acclaimed series Notes on Nursing Theories not only covers the development, assumptions, and broad applications of each doctrine but provides specific examples of how it pertains to both practice and research. In addition, each of the 12 chapters concludes with a glossary of terms and a bibliography of the classic works, critiques, and research related to that theory and its author.

Invaluable to both students and professionals, this encompassing volume will foster a greater understanding--and utilization--of these essential nursing philosophies.

Louette R Johnson Lutjens
Martha Rogers
The Science of Unitary Human Beings

Christina L Sieloff Evans
Imogene King
A Conceptual Framework for Nursing

Louette R Johnson Lutjens
Castilla Roy
An Adaptation Model

Donna L Hartweg
Dorothea Orem
Self-Care Deficit Theory

Sheila Bunting
Rosemary Parse
Theory of Human Becoming

Joanne Marchione
Margaret Newman
Health as Expanding Consciousness

Nancy O'Connor
Paterson and Zderad
Humanistic Nursing Theory

Cheryl L Reynolds and Madeleine M Leininger
Madeleine Leininger
Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory

Louise C Selanders
Florence Nightingale
An Environmental Adaptation Theory

Cheryl Forchuk
Hildegard E Peplau
Interpersonal Nursing Theory

Karen S Reed
Betty Neuman
The Neuman Systems Model

Norma Jean Schmieding
Ida Jean Orlando
A Nursing Process Theory


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ISBN: 9780803971370