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Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Six Volume Set
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September 2007 | 2 560 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing together seminal and cutting-edge papers on qualitative and quantitative market research, this collection has been compiled by an award-winning scholar internationally hailed as a leading authority on market research.

Naresh Malhotra offers academics a nuanced and comprehensive reading of the key issues and concepts across the field.

This six-volume set covers the following areas:
Volume One - Research Design Aspects: defining the marketing research problem, secondary data analysis, qualitative research, surveys and observation, experimentation.
Volume Two - Scaling Techniques and Questionnaire Design: fundamental types of measurement, noncomparative scaling techniques, comparative scaling techniques, multi-item scales, reliability, validity, and generalizability issues, questionnaire design, design of observation forms.
Volume Three - Sampling Plans: sampling considerations, non-probability sampling techniques, probability sampling techniques, sampling versus nonsampling errors, statistical approaches to sample size: mean and proportion.
Volume Four - Basic Techniques of Data Analysis: Parametric Tests, Nonparametric Tests, Analysis of Variance, Analysis of Covariance, Multivariate Analysis of Variance, Correlation and Bivariate Regression, Multivariate Regression
Volume Five – Commonly Used Techniques of Data Analysis: Multiple Discriminant Analysis, Factor Analysis, Confirmatory factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis
Volume Six - Advanced Multivariate Techniques of Data Analysis: Logit models, Probit Models, Tobit Models, Conjoint Analysis, Multi Dimensional Scaling

Volume One
Naresh K Malhotra and Mark Peterson
Marketing Research in the New Millennium
Emerging Issues and Trends  
Naresh K Malhotra, Mark Peterson and Can Uslay
Helping Marketing Research Earn a Seat at the Table for Decision-Making
An Assessment and Prescription for the Future  
David Brinberg and Elizabeth C Hirschman
Multiple Orientations for the Conduct of Marketing Research
An Analysis of the Academic/Practitioner Distinction  
Victoria Brooks
Exploitation to Engagement
The Role of Market Research in Getting Close to Niche Markets  
S Hart and A Diamantopoulos
Marketing Research Activity and Company Performance
Evidence from Manufacturing Industry  
Naresh K Malhotra, Mark Peterson and Kleiser
Marketing Research
A State-of-the-Art Review and Directions for the 21st Century  
Sid Simmons and Angela Lovejoy
'Oh No, the Consultants Are Coming!'
Lawrence D Gibson
Defining Marketing Problems
R P Hamlin
A Systematic Procedure for Targeting Marketing Research
Henry Assael and John Keon
Nonsampling versus Sampling Errors in Survey Research
E K F Leong, M T Ewing and L F Pitt
Australian Marketing Managers' Perceptions of the Internet
A Quasi-Longitudinal Perspective  
Randolph F Bucklin and Sunil Gupta
Commercial Use of UPC Scanner Data
Industry and Academic Perspectives  
Bill Donaldson and George Wright
Sales Information Systems
Are They Being Used for More Than Simple Mail Shots?  
John Gill
Managing the Capture of Individuals Viewing within a Peoplemeter Service
Sachin Gupta et al
Do Household Scanner Data Provide Representative Inferences from Brand Choices
A Comparison with Store Data  
Neil Helgeson, Jack Fentress and Bruce Lervoog
Harvesting Past Research
Mark B Houston
Assessing the Validity of Secondary Data Proxies for Marketing Constructs
Barry Leventhal
Developments in Outputs from the 2001 Census
Erhard Meier and Corrine Moy
Social Grading and the Census
V W Mitchell and P J McGoldrick
The Role of Geodemographics in Segmenting and Targeting Consumer Markets
A Delphi Study  
Venkatram Ramaswamy
Evolutionary Preference Segmentation with Panel Survey Data
An Application to New Products  
Volume Two
Timothy Bock and John Sergeant
Small Sample Market Research
S Dembkowski and S Hanmer-Lloyd
Computer Applications - A New Road for Qualitative Data Analysis?
Edward F Fern
The Use of Focus Groups for Idea Generation
The Effects of Group Size, Acquaintanceship and Moderator on Response Quantity and Quality  
Eugene H Fram and Elaine Cibotti
The Shopping List Studies and Projective Techniques
A 40-Year View  
C Goulding
Consumer Research, Interpretive Paradigms and Methodological Ambiguities
Alexandra J Kenyon
Exploring Phenomenological Research
Barry E Langford, Gerald Schoenfeld and George Izzo
Nominal Grouping Sessions versus Focus Groups
Paul Marsden
What 'Healthy Living' Means to Consumers
Trialing a New Qualitative Research Technique  
M M Montoya-Weiss, A P Massey and D L Clapper
Online Focus Groups
Conceptual Issues and a Research Tool  
Henrietta O'Connor and Clare Madge
Focus Groups in Cyberspace
Using the Internet for Qualitative Research  
C Perry
Processes of a Case Methodology for Postgraduate Research in Marketing
Donna J Reid and Fraser J Reid
Online Focus Groups
Andreas M Riege
Validity and Reliability in Case Study Research
A Literature Review with 'Hands-on' Applications for Each Research Phase  
Peter Tuckel and Michael Wood
Respondent Co-Operation in Focus Groups
A Field Study Using Moderator Ratings  
Duane P Bachmann, John Elfrink and Gary Vazzana
E-Mail and Snail Mail Face off in Rematch
Thomas J Bergmann, William J Hannaford and James Wenner
Amount, Timing and Value of Financial Incentives in Mail Surveys
Does It Make a Difference?  
Cihan Cobanoglu, Bill Warde and Patrick J Moreo
A Comparison of Mail, Fax and Web-Based Survey Methods
Lawrence A Crosby, Sheree L Johnson and Richard T Quinn
Is Survey Research Dead?
Carolyn Folkman Curasi
A Critical Exploration of Face-to-Face Interviewing versus Computer-Mediated Interviewing
I D Greig
Towards a Typology of Consumer Survey Research
Janet Ilieva, Steve Baron and Nigel Healey
Online Surveys in Marketing Research
Pros and Cons  
Peter Kellner
Can Online Polls Produce Accurate Findings?
Heath McDonald and Stewart Adam
A Comparison of Online and Postal Data Collection Methods in Marketing Research
Neils Schillewaert and Pascale Meulemeester
Comparing Response Distributions of Offline and Online Data Collection Methods
Alan Wilson and Nial Laskey
Internet-Based Marketing Research
A Serious Alternative to Traditional Research Methods?  
Volume Three
Julie Baker, Michael Levy and Dhruv Grewal
An Experimental Approach to Making Retail Store Environmental Decisions
Joseph O Eastlack and Ambar G Rao
Advertising Experiments at the Campbell Soup Company
Vikas Mittal and Mohanbir S Sawhney
Learning and Using Electronic Information Products and Services
A Field Study  
Gordon A Wyner
The Right Side of Metrics
V Srinivasan and Amiya K Basu
The Metric Quality of Ordered Categorical Data
Bruce L Alford and Brian T Engelland
Measurement Validation in Marketing Research
A Review and Commentary  
James R Brown, Jean L Johnson and Harold F Koenig
Measuring the Sources of Marketing Channel Power
A Comparison of Alternative Approaches  
Elena Delgado-Ballester, Jose Luis Munuera-Alem[ac]an and Mar[ac]i Jes[ac]us Yag[um]ue-Guill[ac]en
Development and Validation of a Brand Trust Scale
David M Hardesty and William O Bearden
The Use of Expert Judges in Scale Development
Implications for Improving Face Validity Measures of Unobservable Constructs  
Scott B MacKenzie
The Dangers of Poor Construct Conceptualization
Deborah J Webb, Corliss L Green and Thomas G Brashear
Development and Validation of Scales to Measure Attitudes Influencing Monetary Donations to Charitable Organizations
Ruth M Bolton
Pretesting Questionnaires
Content Analyses of Respondents' Concurrent Verbal Protocols  
Carol W DeMoranville and Carol C Bienstock
Question Order Effects in Measuring Service Quality
Bobby Duffy
Response Order Effects - How Do People Read?
Philip M Podsakoff et al
Common Method Biases in Behavioral Research
A Critical Review of the Literature and Recommended Remedies  
N Reynolds and A Diamantopoulos
The Effect of Pretest Method on Error Detection Rates
Experimental Evidence  
Marco Vriends, Michel Wedel and Zsolt Sandor
Split-Questionnaire Design
Seymour Sudman
Improving the Quality of Shopping Center Sampling
Seymour Sudman and Edward Blair
Sampling in the 21st Century
Steve Wilcox
Sampling and Controlling a TV Audience Measurement Panel
Mike Brennan, Susan Benson and Zane Kearns
The Effect of Introductions on Telephone Survey Response Rates
Cindy Claycomb, Stephen Porter and Charles Martin
Riding the Wave
Response Rates and the Effects of Time Intervals between Successive Mail Survey Follow-up Efforts  
Cihan Cobanoglu and Nesrin Cobanoglu
The Effect of Incentives in Web Surveys
Application and Ethical Considerations  
Eunkyu Lee, Michael Y Hu and Rex S Toh
Are Consumer Survey Results Distorted? Systematic Impact of Behavioral Frequency and Duration on Survey Response Errors
Volume Four
Naresh K Malhotra, James Agarwal and Mark Peterson
Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research
Terry Clark
Managing Outliers
Qualitative Issues in the Handling of Extreme Observations in Marketing Research  
Raymond A Kent
Cases as Configurations
Using Combinatorial and Fuzzy Logic to Analyze Marketing Data  
Marco Vriens and Eric Melton
Managing Missing Data
Peter Leeflang and Dick Wittink
Building Models for Marketing Decisions
Past, Present and Future  
Bruce Buchanan and Donald G Morrison
Sampling Properties of Rate Questions with Implications for Survey Research
Alan G Sawyer and Dwayne A Ball
Statistical Power and Effect Size in Marketing Research
Alan G Sawyer and J Paul Peter
The Significance of Statistical Tests in Marketing Research
James J Kellaris, Anthony D Cox and Dena Cox
The Effect of Background Music on Ad Processing
A Contingency Explanation  
Roger Marshall and Na WoonBong
An Experimental Study of the Role of Brand Strength in the Relationship between the Medium of Communication and Perceived Credibility of the Message
Herman Aguinis et al
Effect Size and Power in Assessing Moderating Effects of Categorical Variables Using Multiple Regression
A 30-Year Review  
Terry Grapentine
Managing Multicollinearity
Terry Grapentine
Path Analysis versus Structural Equation Modeling
Vijay Mahajan, Arun K Jain and Michel Bergier
Parameter Estimation in Marketing Models in the Presence of Multicollinearity
An Application of Ridge Regression  
Robert A Peterson, Gerald Albaum and Richard Beltramini
A Meta-Analysis of the Size Effects in Consumer Behavior Experiments
Charlotte Mason and William Perreault
Collinearity, Power and Interpretation of Multiple Regression Analysis
Subhash Sharma, Richard Durand and Oded Gau-Arie
Identification and Analysis of Moderator Variables
Carl Huberty and John Morris
Multivariate Analysis versus Multiple Univariate Analysis
Julie R Irwin and Gary H McClelland
Misleading Heuristics and Moderated Multiple Regression Models
Naresh K Malhotra, Sung Kim and James Agarwal
Internet Users' Information Privacy Concerns
The Construct, the Scale and a Causal Model  
Wai-Sum Chan
Teaching the Concept of Breakdown Point in Simple Linear Regression
Volume Five
G Hayden Green et al
Using Logistic Regression in Classification
Peter M Guadagni and John Little
A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data
Melvin R Crask and William D Perreault Jr
Validation of Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Research
Thabet A Edris and Mohammad A Almahmeed
Services Considered Important to Business Customers and Determinants of Bank Selection in Kuwait
A Segmentation Analysis  
William D Neal
Using Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Research
Part One  
William D Neal
Using Discriminant Analysis in Marketing Researech
Part Two  
Eric T Bradlow
Exploring Repeated Measures Data Sets for Key Features Using Principal Components Analysis
Sangit Chatterjee, Linda Jamieson and Frederick Wiseman
Identifying the Most Influential Observations in Factor Analysis
Wagner A Kamakura and Michel Wedel
Factor Analysis and Missing Data
V Srinivasan, P Vanden Abeele and I Butaye
The Factor Structure of Multidimensional Response to Marketing Stimuli
A Comparison of Two Approaches  
David W Stewart
The Application and Misapplication of Factor Analysis in Marketing Research
Stephen John Arnold
A Test for Clusters
Paul Bottomley and Agnes Nairn
Blinded by Science
The Managerial Consequences of Inadequately Validated Cluster Analysis Solutions  
S Tamer Cavusgil, Kwong Chan and Chun Zhang
Strategic Orientations in Export Pricing
A Clustering Approach to Create Firm Taxonomies  
G Ray Funkhouser
A Note on the Reliability of Certain Clustering Algorithms
G P Hodgkinson, J Padmore and A E Tomes
Mapping Consumers' Cognitive Structures
A Comparison of Similarity Trees with Multidimensional Scaling and Cluster Analysis  
Sudhir H Kale
Grouping Euroconsumers
A Culture-Based Clustering Approach  
T D Klastorin
Assessing Cluster Analysis Results
Girish Punj and David W Stewart
Cluster Analysis in Marketing Research
Review and Suggestions for Application  
Rajan Sambandam
Cluster Analysis Gets Complicated
Volume Six
Ming-Huei Hsieh
An Investigation of Country-of-Origin Effect Using Correspondence Analysis
A Cross-National Context  
Naresh K Malhotra and Betsy Charles Bartels
Overcoming the Attribute Prespecification Bias in International Marketing Research
Anna Torres and Michael Greenacre
Dual Scaling and Correspondence Analysis of Preferences, Paired Comparisons and Ratings
Ugur Yavas and Donald J Shemwell
Bank Image
Exposition and Illustration of Correspondence Analysis  
Manoj K Agarwal and Paul E Green
Adaptive Conjoint Analysis versus Self-Explicated Models
Some Empirical Results  
Rick L Andrews and Ajay K Manrai
MDS Maps for Product Attributes and Market Response
An Application to Scanner Panel Data  
Tammo H A Bijmolt and Michael Wedel
The Effects of Alternative Methods of Collecting Similarity Data for Multidimensional Scaling
Tammo H A Bijmolt and Michael Wedel
A Comparison of Multidimensional Scaling Methods for Perceptual Mapping
Frank J Carmone, Paul E Green and Arun Jain
Robustness of Conjoint Analysis
Some Monte Carlo Results  
Paul E Green
Marketing Applications of MDS
Assessment and Outlook  
Paul E Green
On the Robustness of Multidimensional Scaling Techniques
Paul E Green
Hybrid Models for Conjoint Analysis
An Expository Review  
Paul E Green and Abba M Krieger
Segmenting Markets with Conjoint Analysis
Paul E Green and V Srinivasan
Conjoint Analysis in Consumer Research
Issues and Outlook  
Paul E Green and V Srinivasan
Conjoint Analysis in Marketing
New Developments with Implications for Research and Practice  
S R Jaeger, D Hedderley and H J H MacFie
Methodological Issues in Conjoint Analysis
A Case Study  
Marvin J Karson and Gary M Mullet
Conjoint Utility Limits as Affected by Conjoint Design and Estimating Program
Juyoung Kim et al
Incorporating Context Effects in the Multidimensional Scaling of 'Pick Any/N' Choice Data
Peter J Lenk
Hierarchical Bayes Conjoint Analysis
Recovery of Partworth Heterogeneity from Reduced Experimental Design  
Rune Lines and Jon M Denstadli
Information Overload in Conjoint Experiments
Naresh K Malhotra
Structural Reliability and Stability of Nonmetric Conjoint Analysis
Naresh K Malhotra
Validity and Reliability of Multidimensional Scaling
William L Moore
A Cross-Validity Comparison of Rating-Based and Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis Models
C Okechucku
The Importance of Product Country of Origin
A Conjoint Analysis of the United States, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands  
David Reibstein, John E Bateson and William Boulding
Conjoint Analysis Reliability
Empirical Findings  
V Srinivasan, Arun K Jain and Naresh K Malhotra
Improving Predictive Power of Conjoint Analysis by Constrained Parameter Estimation
Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp and Dick R Wittink
The Metric Quality of Full-Profile Judgments and the Number-of-Attribute-Levels Effect in Conjoint Analysis
Michel Wedel et al
Assessing the Effects of Abstract Attributes and Brand Familiarity in Conjoint Choice Experiments

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