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Gender, Conflict and Migration

Gender, Conflict and Migration

First Edition
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April 2006 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Research on the subject of women's migration and conflict is generally organized along the twin axes of gender and conflict, and gender and migration. The reality of women's conflict-driven migration, however, falls between these two axes.

The essays in this volume seek to fill this gap by examining the changes in status, identities and power relations among women and men as they move from a conflict situation at home, to migrant camps, to the post-conflict or peace-building phase when they return home. Using a variety of research methods—including ethnography, dialogue, oral history, textual analyses and consciousness-raising techniques—the contributors discuss issues like:

  • The thin line between choice and coercion in most conflict-related migration
  • The blurring of the division between the private sphere of women and the public sphere of men after such migration
  • The problem of finding solutions to crises which sometimes lead women to demand meaningful political participation
  • The need to go beyond 'subaltern' and marginalized conceptualizations of conflict-affected migrant women
  • The uneasy relationship between the state, citizenship, and national honor on the one hand, and women on the other, during and after conflict
  • The need for national and regional 'gender asylum laws' in view of the gendered nature of refugee laws

The volume provides key insights to the understanding of these issues in specific conflict situations throughout South Asia. It will appeal to scholars of migration studies, gender studies, peace and conflict studies, sociology, human rights and political science, and to social activists and policy makers involved in shaping refugee laws and managing humanitarian aid to refugees.

Series Introduction
Navnita Chadha Behera
Nayanika Mookherjee
Muktir Gaan, the Raped Woman and Migrant Identities of the Bangladesh War
Furrukh A Khan
Speaking Violence
Pakistani Women's Narratives of Partition

Saba Gul Khattak
Violence and Home
Afghan Women's Experience of Displacement

Urvashi Butalia
A Gendered Perspective

Anasua Basu Raychaudhury
Women after Partition
Remembering the Lost World in a Life without Future

Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake
Between Tamil and Muslim
Women Mediating Multiple Identities in a New War

Rita Manchanda
Contesting `Infantalization' of Forced Migrant Women
Mary O`Kane
Gender, Borders and Transversality
The Emerging Women`s Movement in the Burma-Thailand Borderlands

Oishik Sircar
Can the Women Flee? Gender-Based Persecution, Forced Migration and Asylum Law in South Asia
Anthony Good
Gender-Based Persecution
The Case of South Asian Asylum Applicants in the United Kingdom


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