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Girls Without Limits

Girls Without Limits
Helping Girls Succeed in Relationships, Academics, Careers, and Life

Second Edition

January 2021 | 272 pages | Corwin

Chapter 1: What's Really Going On for Girls and How Can We Help Them?
Chapter 2: Online or IRL: The Impact of Social Media in Girls' Lives
Chapter 3: Being a Girl Today is Hard: Gender Roles, Body Image, and Confidence
Chapter 4: Mean Girls: Dealing with Drama and Relationships
Chapter 5: Relationships, Dating, and Coercion: Developing Healthy Relationships in an Age of Sexting, Swiping, and Snapping
Chapter 6: "Lighten Up," "I Was Just Joking," "Boys Will Be Boys," And Other Stuff Girls Hear: Addressing Disrespect and Sexual Harassment
Chapter 7: Looking Out for Other Girls: Identifying and Preventing Sexual Violence
Chapter 8: Pressure to be Perfect: Stress and Coping in an Age of Perfectionism and Helicopter Parents
Chapter 9: Academic or Instagram Influencer? Why Girls Feel They Have to Choose
Chapter 10: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? How Stereotypes are Holding Girls Back
Chapter 11: CEO's, Politicians, and Superintendents: But Where are all the Female Leaders?
Chapter 12: What Girls Want
Chapter 13: What Girls Need

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