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Green HRM

Green HRM
A Climate Conscious Route to Triple Bottom Line

  • Soni Agrawal - Associate Professor (HR & OB), International Management Institute, Kolkata
  • Roma Puri - Associate Professor (OB & HRM), International Management Institute, Kolkata

March 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Environment management and sustainability have become hackneyed terms in management parlance, but they are surprisingly underrated in their practical applications. Do organizations see sustainability as a solo initiative of a department to fulfil the statutory requirements or is it an investment towards the well-being of people, planet and profitability? If so, then how important is the contribution of HR towards the greening of an organization?

The book is an industrious guide on Green HR and sustainability practices towards fulfilling the three-pronged goals of triple bottom line. Through the success stories of employees as change agents, it showcases how Green HRM can mesh sustainability with strategy by linking organizational factors such as vision and mission, leadership, organizational culture and employees’ pro-environmental attitude with the organization’s profit goals. The book presents a compelling picture of an ideal green workplace and how HRM can influence pro-environmental behaviour in the organization and society.

Foreword by B. L. Chandak
People, Planet and Profit
Cultivating Green Culture
Green Disruptions and Sustainable Business Models
A Green Workplace
Leaders’ Corner
Encouraging Green HR Practices
Are Environmental Performance and Green HRM Related?
Triple Bottom Line: Leveraging Green HR Practices
Employee’s Initiatives and Perspective
A Greener Future

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ISBN: 9789353886233