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Handbook of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

Handbook of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

Second Edition
Edited by:

The most comprehensive and thoroughly researched text on group counseling and psychotherapy for both group researchers and group practitioners.

December 2013 | 656 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The most comprehensive and thoroughly researched text available on this topic, Handbook of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy, Second Edition underscores the notion that group work is improved through increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners. Edited by renowned leaders in the field, this thoroughly updated and revised Second Edition explores current literature and research and offers suggestions for practice in psycho-educational, counseling, and therapy groups. The Handbook is divided into five main sections: current and historical perspectives, best practices, multicultural and diverse groups, groups in special settings, and an introduction to special topics.

About the Editors
List of Contributing Authors
Cynthia R. Kalodner, Maria T. Riva, and Janice DeLucia-Waack
Intro to Book
Current and Historical Perspectives In Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (Part 1)
Maria T. Riva
Intro to Section
Sally H. Barlow
1. The History of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
Susan X. Day
2. A Unifying Theory for Group and Psychotherapy
Donelson R. Forsyth and Leann Terry Diederich
3. Group Dynamics and Development
Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr. and D. Martin Kivlighan, III
4. Therapeutic Factors: Current Theory and Research
Gary M. Burlingame, Kaity Whitcomb, and Sean Woodland
5. Process and Outcome in Group Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Perspective
Best Practices in Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (Part 2)
Maria T. Riva
Intro to Section
Lynn S. Rapin
6. Guidelines for Ethical and Legal Practice in Counseling and Psychotherapy Groups
Donald E. Ward
7. Effective Processing in Groups
Amy Nitza
8. Selecting and Using Activities in Groups
Melissa Luke
9. Effective Group Leader Skills
Lawrence Shulman
10. Unleashing the Healing Power of the Group: The Mutual Aid Process
Rex Stockton, Keith Morran, and Seok-Hwan Chang
11. An Overview of Current Research and Best Practices for Training Beginning Group Leaders
Maria T. Riva
12. Supervision of Group Leaders
Sandro Sodano, Wendy Guyker, Janice L. DeLucia-Waack, Heather Cosgrove, David Altabef, and Brian Amos
13. Measures of Group Process Dynamics, Climate Behavior, and Outcome: A Review
Joseph R. Miles and Jill D. Paquin
14. Best Practices in Group Counseling and Psychotherapy Research
Multicultural and Diverse Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (Part 3)
Janice DeLucia-Waack
Intro to Section
Michael D’Andrea
15. Understanding Racial/Cultural Identity Development Theories to Promote Effective Multicultural Group Counseling
Anneliese A. Singh and Carmen F. Salazar
16. Using Groups to Facilitate Social Justice Change: Addressing Issues of Privilege and Oppression
Sharon G. Horne, Heidi M. Levitt, Teresa Reeves and Emily E. Wheeler
17. Group Work with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Clients
Sam Steen
18. Group Counseling for African Americans: Research and Practice Considerations
Stephanie K. Ellis, Cynthia G. Simpson, Chad A. Rose and Anthony J. Plotner
19. Group Counseling Services for Persons with Disabilities
Rita Chi-Ying Chung and Fred Bemak
20. Group Counseling with Asians
Tammi Vacha-Haase
21. Group Work with Those in Later-Life
Edil Torres Rivera, Ivelisse Torres Fernández and Whitney Alexander Hendricks
22. Psychoeducational and Counseling Groups with Latinos/as
23. Group Therapy with Native People
Counseling and Psychotherapy Groups In Special Settings (Part 4)
Janice DeLucia-Waack
Intro to Section
Mark J. Macgowan and Alice Schmidt Hanbidge
24. Advancing Evidence-Based Group Work in Community Mental Health Settings: Methods, Challenges and Opportunities
Lia D. Falco and Sheri Bauman
25. Group Work in Schools
Martyn Whittingham and Kacey Greening
26. Group Work in Colleges and University Counseling Centers
Joseph F. Rath, Hilary Bertisch, and Timothy R. Elliott
27. Groups in Behavioral Health Settings
Les R. Greene, Ilan Harpaz-Rothem, Kathryn A. Sanders, Kristin MacGregor, Amanda Wheat, Lindsey Dorflinger, Anne Klee, and Joshua Bullock
28. Group Treatments within the Department of Veterans Affairs
Special Topics in Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (Part 5)
Cynthia R. Kalodner
Intro to Section
Peter J. Bieling, Irena Milosevic, and Randi E. McCabe
29. Groups for Depression
Randi E. McCabe, Irena Milosevic, and Peter J. Bieling
30. Groups for Anxiety Disorders
William E. Piper, John S. Ogrodniczuk, and Carlos Sierra Hernandez
31. Group Psychotherapies for Complicated Grief
J. Michael Faragher and Adam Soberay
32. Group Approaches for Addictive Behaviors
Jonathan P. Schwartz, Michael Waldo, and Molly J. Parsons
33. Group Work with Individuals Who Have Committed Interpersonal Violence
Robert D. Morgan, Christopher J. Romani, and Nicole R. Gross
34. Group Work with Offenders and Mandated Clients
Cheri L. Marmarosh and R. D. Markin
35. Group Psychotherapy and Insecure Adult Attachment
Deborah A. Gerrity
36. Groups for Survivors of Childhood and Sexual Abuse
Chaunce R. Windle, Sandy Newsome, Michael Waldo, and Eve M. Adams
37. Mindfulness and Group: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Dialetical Behavior Therapy
Cynthia R. Kalodner, Janelle W. Coughlin, and Margaret Seide
38. Pyscho-educational and Counseling Groups to Prevent and Treat Eating Disorders and Disturbances
Katherine Raczynski and Arthur Horne
39. Psycho-educational and Counseling Groups for Bullying
Zipora Shechtman
40. Counseling and Therapy Groups with Children and Adolescents
Nathalie Kees and Nancy Leech
41. Women’s Groups: Research and Practice Trends
Andrew M. Kiselica and Mark S. Kiselica
42. Gender-Sensitive Group Counseling and Psychotherapy with Men
Robert K. Conyne
43. Prevention Groups
John C. Dagley and Georgia B. Calhoun
44. Career and Transition Counseling in Groups
H.L. “Lee” Gillis, Michael A. Gass and Keith C. Russell
45. Adventure Therapy with Groups
Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung
46. Post-Disaster Group Counseling: A Multicultural Perspective
Maria T. Riva, Janice DeLucia-Waack, & Cynthia R. Kalodner
Reflections and Final Comments

This is a particularly helpful book, as it provides a comprehensive explanation on how group dynamics interfere with or facilitate the therapeutic process.

Mrs Ana-Cristina Tuluceanu
Social Science, Bolton University
September 7, 2023

Met all licensing criteria needed for academic portion of course.

Professor Darrell L McSwain
Psychology Dept, American International College
September 9, 2021
Key features


  • The latest research in the field is explored on group therapy outcomes and assessment measures for group leaders and researchers.
  • An expanded focus on group work training is presented with research-based techniques and best practices.
  • New group work techniques are presented for additional client groups including: children and adolescents in schools; individuals who have committed interpersonal violence; and clients in community mental health settings.
  • Group therapy and insecure adult attachment is presented in a new chapter.
  • A chapter on career counseling in groups explores modern careers and transitions in the context of today’s difficult economy.
  • A multicultural perspective on post-disaster group counseling is presented with poignant examples from recent natural disasters
  • New pedagogical elements have been added: suggestions for class activities, discussion questions, resources, case examples, and key terms.


  • The Handbook contains 46 chapters written and edited by well-respected leaders in group research and practice.
  • Each section reviews the literature and current research related to its topic and provides suggestions for practice for the psychoeducational arena, counseling, and therapy groups.
  • The history and theory of group work is discussed, as well as topics across the lifespan, varieties of case studies, and an entire section on multicultural issues.

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