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Handbook of U.S. Latino Psychology

Handbook of U.S. Latino Psychology
Developmental and Community-Based Perspectives

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July 2009 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Congratulations to Aida Hurtado and Karina Cervantez- winners of the 2009 Women of Color Psychologies Award! This award, given by the Association of Women in Psychology Association, is voted on by AWP members for contributions of new knowledge and importance to the advancement of the psychology of women of color.

Offering broad coverage of all U.S. Latino groups, this volume synthesizes cutting-edge research and methodological advances and provides culturally sophisticated information that can be used by researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. The editors and contributing authors summarize theories and conceptual models that can further our understanding of the development and adaptation of U.S. Latino populations. In addition, they focus on the importance of cultural sensitivity and competence in research and intervention approaches and how to achieve it.

Key Features

• Highlights the normative development and strengths of U.S. Latino populations

• Elaborates on the heterogeneity of Latinos in that it does not assume that all Latino populations, and the contexts of their development, are identical.

• Emphasizes on cultural sensitivity and competence at all levels

• Focuses on the importance of cultural identity amongst Latinos and its contribution to healthy developmental outcomes.

Amado Padilla; Esteban Olmedo
1: The History of Latino Psychology
Margarita Alegria; Meghan Woo
2: Conceptual Issues in Latino Mental Health Treatment
Glorisa Canino; Margarrita Alegria
3: Understanding Psychopathology Among the Adult and Child Latino Population From the United States and Puerto Rico: An Epidemiologic Perspective
George P. Knight; Mark W. Roosa; Carlos O. Calderón-Tena; Nancy A. Gonzales
4: Methodological Issues in Research on Latino Populations
Merrill Singer; Celia Fisher; G. Derrick Hodge; Hassan Saleheen; Meena Mahadevan
5: Ethical Issues in Conducting Research with Latino Drug Users
Stephen Quintana; Nicolas Scull
6: Latino Ethnic Identity
Andrew J. Fuligni; Krista Perreira
7: Immigration and Adaptation
Nancy A. Gonzales; Fairlee C. Fabrett; George P. Knight
8: Acculturation, Enculturation and the Psychosocial Adaptation of Latino Youth
Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor; Edna C. Alfaro
9: Acculturative Stress and Adaptation
Josefina M. Grau; Margarita Azmitia; Justin Quattlebaum
10: Latino Families: Parenting, Relational and Developmental Processes
Aida Hurtado; Karina Cervantez
11: A View from Within and from Without: The Development of Latina Feminist Psychology
Gustavo Carlo; Maria Rosario T. de Guzman
12: Theories and Research on Prosocial Competencies Among US Latinos/as
Gabriel P. Kuperminc; Natalie J. Wilkins; Cathy Roche; Anabel Alvarez
13: Risk, Resilience, and Positive Development Among Latino Youth
Steve Applewhite
14: Health and Mental Health Perspectives
Natasha Cabrera; Jacqueline D. Shannon; Vanessa Rodriguez; Alexis Lubar
15: Early Intervention Programs: The case of Head Start for Latino Children
Eugene Garcia; Kent P. Scribner
16: Latino PreK-3 Education: A Critical Foundation
Luis Zayas; Joaquin Borrego, Jr.; Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez
17: Parenting Interventions and Latino Families: Research Findings, Cultural Adaptations, and Future Directions
Guillermo Bernal; Emily Sáez-Santiago; Amarilys Galloza-Carrero
18: Evidence-Based Approaches to Working with Latino Youth and Families
Esteban Cardemil; Ingrid A. Sarmiento
19: Clincial Approaches to Working with Latino Adults
Hector Betancourt; Patricia M. Flynn
20: The Psychology of Health: Physical Health and the Role of Culture and Behavior
Lydia Buki; Melissa Selem
21: Cancer Screening and Survivorship in Latino Populations: A Primer for Psychologists
Lisa J. Crockett; Byron L. Zamboanga
22: Substance Use among Latino Adolescents: Cultural, Social, and Psychological Considerations
Marcela Raffaelli; Maria I. Iturbide
23: Sexuality and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Latino Adolescents and Young Adults
Gustavo Carlo; Francisco A. Villarruel; Margarita Azmita; Natasha J. Cabrera
24: Perspectives and Recommendations for Future Directions in U.S. Latino Psychology

One of the few books that addressed the topics discussed in the Latino/a Psychology course.

Dr Rebecca Rojas
Marriage Fam Child Cnsl Dept, Pacific Oaks College
June 28, 2011

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