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Health Psychology

Health Psychology
Well-Being in a Diverse World

Fifth Edition

January 2024 | SAGE Publications, Inc
What factors determine healthy behavior? Health Psychology: Well-being in a Diverse World answers this question for students by introducing and regularly applying research to stress, coping, interventions and health behaviors in today’s world. Speaking directly to readers, Regan A. R. Gurung’s conversational voice guides learners through the key determinants of behavior, such as family, environment, ethnicity, and religion.

Each chapter covers the biological underpinnings of health, interdisciplinary case applications, and personality and social psychological theories to create a clear and comprehensive understanding of topics. Gurung wraps methodology into his inclusive coverage, highlighting diverse researcher profiles in each chapter. The text interweaves coverage of classic research with current, captivating studies, such as how video games impact health, and the effects of stress on longevity. Continually asking readers to think further, to synthesize, to analyze, and to apply to improve their own health outcomes as they learn, Gurung empowers students through connections to personal experience. The text also offers contemporary reference updates, an expanded focus on intersectional topics across cultures, test yourself practice, and much more.

Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 3 - Cultural Approaches to Health
Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 5 - Diverse Understanding of Stress
Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 6 - Coping and Social Support
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 7 - Why Don’t We Do What We Need To? Models of Behavior Change
Aurora Sherman
Chapter 8 - Health Behaviors: Eating, Being Active, Smoking, and Drinking
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 9 - Illness Cognitions, Adherence, and Patient–Practitioner Interactions
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 10 - Diverse Approaches to Pain
Kathleen Bogart
Chapter 11 - Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, and Death
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 12 - Psychoneuroimmunology and HIV
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 13 - Cancer: Fundamentals and Cultural Variations
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 14 - Cardiovascular Disease: Fundamentals and Cultural Variations


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Key features


  • Streamlined organization improves the ease of reading through shortened chapters and rearranged topics.
  • Revised artwork includes new photographs, reworked figures and graphs, and current examples to more effectively illustrate the material.
  • A new chapter on research methods in health psychology provides a primer to navigating research in scholarly publications.
  • New Researcher Spotlight features connect chapter research with brief biographical information about the researchers themselves to show how varied and diverse the research contributions are.
  • New Measuring Up sections allow students to conduct self-assessments based on measurement tools from the literature, making the material more personally relevant and memorable.
  • New Ponder This sections pose questions that prompt students to think about chapter content in relation to their own lives.
  • Accompanying SAGE edge online resources for instructors and students include a test bank, PPT slides, flashcards, multimedia content, and more.
  • A unique focus on context—including culture, religion, age, gender, family values, and the region of the country in which one was raised—emphasizes the important role it plays in understanding the precedents of health and health behaviors.
  • Synthesize, Evaluate, Apply sections break up chapters into easy, manageable segments for students to test their knowledge.
  • Chapter-ending multiple-choice questions with answers in the back of the book allow students to test their comprehension.
  • Recommended readings offer essential readings comprised of classic articles in the field or contemporary research studies regarding some of the material most cited by health psychologists.
  • Chapter summaries and lists of key terms, concepts, and people give students the opportunity to easily review the material.