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Health Psychology

Health Psychology
Theory, Research and Practice

Sixth Edition
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November 2020 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Health Psychology provides students with the tools they need to evaluate and critically appraise theory and research before it can be applied practically. Using the most up-to-date research available, the sixth edition places an emphasis on the real-world application of health psychology, demonstrating how theory learnt in the classroom influences public policy.  

In this book, David Marks, Michael Murray and Emee Vida Estacio take a holistic approach to health psychology, giving equal weight to the biological, psychological and social factors that impact health behaviour, culture and change. The text presents students with an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the field of health psychology and the new edition contains a brand new chapter on stress, a key topic in health psychology. It is also supported by online resources for students and lecturers, including a range of case studies taken from across the world.

Part 1: Health Psychology in the Context of Biology, Society and Methodology
Chapter 1: Health Psychology: An Introduction
Chapter 2: The Nervous, Endocrine and Immune Systems and the Principle of Homeostasis
Chapter 3: Genetics, Epigenetics and Early Life Development
Chapter 4: Macro-social Influences
Chapter 5: Social Justice
Chapter 6: Culture and Health
Chapter 7: An A–Z of Research Methods and Issues Relevant to Health Psychology
Part 2: Theories, Models, and Interventions for Health Behaviour Change
Chapter 8: Theories, Models and Interventions for Health Behaviour Change
Chapter 9: Sexual Health
Chapter 10: Food, Eating and Obesity
Chapter 11: Alcohol and Drinking
Chapter 12: Tobacco and Smoking
Chapter 13: Physical Activity and Exercise
Part 3: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Chapter 14: Information, Communication and Health Literacy
Chapter 15: Screening and Immunization
Chapter 16: Health Promotion
Chapter 17: Stress and Disease Prevention
Part 4: Illness Experience and Health Care
Chapter 18: Illness and Personality
Chapter 19: Pain and Pain Control
Chapter 20: Cancer
Chapter 21: Coronary Heart Disease
Chapter 22: HIV Infection and AIDS: The Pinnacle of Stigma and Victim Blaming
Chapter 23: Long-term Conditions: Diabetes and ME/CFS
Chapter 24: End-of-Life Care, Dying and Death

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Dr Maggie Wood
Social Care and Nursing (Galway Mayo), Atlantic Technological University
August 14, 2023

This is a versatile book which would sit within Psychology and Public Health courses. It is laid out in a logical way, and gives deeper psychological perspective to Public Health issues and behaviour change, which is relevant to all areas of Health care.

Mrs Fern Bentley
Nursing (Derby), University of Derby (Chesterfield)
May 8, 2023

It was very easy to follow, great examples, and great figures. Very student friendly.

Miss Jessica Lynn Van Bree
Psychology Dept, University Of North Dakota
July 31, 2023

This is an excellent supporting resources for level 3 learners completing their psychology unit.

Mrs Sophie McNamara
Care and Education, Tyne Metropolitan College
April 11, 2023

Only one or two chapters fit my syllabus

Professor Maria del Carmen Montano
Psychology, Universidad Iberoamericana
June 17, 2022

Essential text to support learners in developing subject knowledge around health psychology.

Mrs Gemma Rose Slade
Health and Social Care, Cambourne Pool Redruth College
April 27, 2022
Key features

New chapter on Stress 
Brand new international case studies on the website

Pedagogical features include:

Chapter Outlines at the start of each chapter

Future research boxes at the end of each chapter giving students an insight into where the field is going

Chapter summaries

For instructors

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