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How to Establish an Alternative School

How to Establish an Alternative School

September 1995 | 168 pages | Corwin
"This book addresses vital program components, describes essential principals for an effective program, and illustrates appropriate models suited to your districts needs." Mark Solimo, Director of Special Programs Essex County Educational Services Commission Cedar Grove, New Jersey "How to Establish an Alternative School is important reading for all involved with at-risk youth. This book explains everything the reader needs to know in order to set up an alternative program that really makes a difference." Patricia Luciano, Dean of Students Atlantic Community College More than 2,500 programs that call themselves "alternative" have been identified throughout the United States. Administrators of these programs admit that the vast majority of them are alternative in name only and serve instead to isolate, segregate, and warehouse youth who can be difficult. How to Establish an Alternative School provides a comprehensive plan for anyone interested in creating real alternative programs and schools that can dramatically redirect the lives of at-risk youth. Kellmayer outlines the key characteristics of successful alternative programs, describes alternative models, and tells you how to set up and effectively manage an alternative program that fits your needs and the needs of your students. He also provides strategies to help you empower teachers, involve students in their own education, and evaluate alternative programs. Other topics covered include: *

Alternative Education
What Is It?

Dealing with Political Opposition and Credibility Gaps
Ten Key Characteristics of Effective Alternative Programs
Ten Alternative Models
How to Set Up an Alternative Program
Exploring Curriculum Options
Administering and Organizing Alternative Schools
Empowering Teachers
Involving Students in Their Own Education
Evaluating Alternative Programs

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