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How to Land the Best Jobs in School Administration

How to Land the Best Jobs in School Administration
The Self-Help Workbook for Practicing and Aspiring School Administrators

Second Edition

December 1998 | 144 pages | Corwin

Follow the strategies outlined in this book and prepare for success!

Whether you're ready to move up, change jobs laterally, or go after your first job in school administration, this book is for you! This valuable resource covers all the aspects of finding, interviewing for, getting, and keeping your new job in school administration.

This comprehensive, self-help workbook will help you:

  • Find the right mentor to assist you in your job search
  • - Write a professional letter of intent and a riveting rTsumT
  • - Capitalize on your strengths and defuse perceived weaknesses
  • - Prepare quality answers to the most often asked questions
  • - Negotiate your new contract successfully
  • - Succeed at your new job
  • You'll learn to communicate effectively with interviewers and selection committee members of the opposite sex, and how to recognize and deal with different types of harassment. Tips on how to dress effectively and appropriately apply to both men and women. Research to support all information was compiled from current accepted literature and actual field surveys: more than 600 individuals from all socioeconomic strata and ethnic populations were interviewed extensively.
  • An excellent resource for students and faculty in schools of educational administration, and for principals and administrators seeking to move up in their profession. A valuable asset for university, college, school district, and school libraries.

Acquiring Your Mentor
The Quality Cover Letter and Riveting Résumé
Identifying Personal Qualities and Emphasizing Strengths
Recognizing Personal Weaknesses and Defusing Fears
Selection Committees
Women and Men Talking
Recognizing and Dealing with Harassment
Doing Your Homework Before the Interview
Clothing Makes the Administrator
Most Often Asked Interview Questions
Negotiating Your Contract Successfully
Securing the Position

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