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How to Read and Critique Research

How to Read and Critique Research
A Guide for Nursing and Healthcare Students

January 2023 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you find research challenging to read? Do you struggle to get to grips with a research paper?

Understanding, critiquing and using research is a key requirement of students studying nursing and healthcare. This bookwill equip you with the skills you need to understand research and use it in your practice and academic assignments.

The approach used in this book is unique: each chapter focuses on a published research paper – one you might be asked to read for a seminar or include in your academic work. In clear, straightforward language, the authors take you through each paper step by step, using it as a basis for exploring the underpinning research method or design, and how it has been reported.

Key features:

·       Each chapter focuses on a different research method by working through a relevant research paper

·       Identifies the main skills you need for your course: understanding research methods and critiquing articles

·       Written specifically for nursing and healthcare students by experienced nursing and health care lecturers

·       Develops your confidence in understanding research by helping you to apply your knowledge to real research papers.

Getting Started With Reading Research
A Survey Paper
A Generic Qualitative Research Paper
A Grounded Theory Paper
A Phenomenology Paper
A Randomised Controlled Trial Paper
A Case-Control Study Paper
A Mixed Methods Study Paper
An Integrative Review Paper
A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis Paper
In Summary

This is an ideal text for undergraduate nursing and paramedic students reading and learning to appraise research. This is pitched at the right level and students will find this extremely helpful as they develop these appraisal skills. 

Dr Audrey Cund
Lecturer in Mental Health, UWS, School of Health and Life Sciences, Division of Mental Health and Integrated Care

This is a practical textbook for students which does exactly what it says in the title -demonstrates how to read and critique research. Using examples, it leads the student through the process and is an essential textbook for any research module. 

Dr Janette Pow
Edinburgh Napier University

I am excited for this book release, as I find the work by Helen Aveyard incredibly helpful and aligned to teachers/students' requirements.
The chapter 3 is very well written, it provides an excellent overview on generic qualitative research. It provides key words, examples and a contemporary approach which will certainly benefit both undergraduate and postgraduate students and lecturers alike. 

Vanessa Coelho
Nursing Associate Programme Lead, Apprenticeship Lead for Nursing, Lecturer in Adult Nursing, School of Health & Social Care, University of Essex

This book is an ideal introduction to research and methodologies used for undergraduate healthcare students as it provides clear, systematic discussions throughout, building knowledge and understanding. It is also well placed further develop healthcare professionals understanding of research.

Kirsty Barclay
Midwifery Lecturer, University of West London

An excellent text book and SO relevant for healthcare professionals, thank you!

Dr Jane Hibberd
School of Allied Health Professionals, University of East Anglia
March 18, 2023

The fact that this book clear covers the critique process for each methodology specifically, rather than generically, is extremely helpful for the students

Thelma Lackey
Institute of Nursing & Midwifery (Eastbourne), Brighton University
February 6, 2023

Excellent book for undergraduate health and social care students. It will help them navigate researching for assignments in a well-organised way, and overcome the 'fear' of reading through articles.

Miss Jane Gooch
College of health and social care, Derby University
December 6, 2022

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