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Human Resource Management- Vantage Learning Platform

Human Resource Management- Vantage Learning Platform
People, Data, and Analytics

January 2022 | SAGE Publications, Inc

ISBN: 978-1-0718-7143-0


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Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics introduces students to the fundamentals of talent management with integrated coverage of data analytics. Human Resource Management–Vantage Digital Option delivers the trusted content from the Bauer text on SAGE Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that features auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including assignable video—all carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. It offers easy course setup and enables students to better prepare for class. For a personalized demo, please contact your SAGE representative.

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About Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics

Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics introduces students to the fundamentals of talent management with integrated coverage of data analytics. Features tied to SHRM competencies and data exercises give students hands-on opportunities to practice the analytical and decision-making skills they need to excel in today’s job market. Engaging examples illustrate key HRM concepts and theories, which brings many traditional HRM topics to life. Whether your students are future managers or future HR professionals, they will learn best practices for managing talent in the changing workplace.  

Part I: HRM in Context
Chapter 1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
Chapter 2. Strategic HRM, Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics
Chapter 3. Data Management and Human Resources Information Systems
Chapter 4. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Employment Laws
Chapter 5. The Analysis and Design of Work
Part II: Managing the Talent Life Cycel
Chapter 6. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
Chapter 7. Selection Processes and Procedures
Chapter 8. Training, Development, and Careers
Chapter 9. Performance Management
Chapter 10. Managing Employee Separations and Retention
Part III: Reward System
Chapter 11. Developing a Pay Structure
Chapter 12. Rewarding Performance
Chapter 13. Managing Benefits
Part IV: Special Topics in HR
Chapter 14. Employee and Labor Relations
Chapter 15. Employee Safety, Well-Being, and Wellness
Chapter 16. Opportunities and Challenges in International HRM
Appendix. S016 SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge
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Features students love  

  • Pedagogical Scaffolding
    Builds on core concepts, moving students from basic understanding to mastery.

  • Confidence Builder
    Offers frequent Knowledge Checks, applied-learning multimedia tools (including assignable video with assessment), and chapter tests with focused feedback to ensure students know key concepts.

  • eReading Experience
    Makes it easy for students to learn by presenting content in easy-to-digest chunks accompanied by frequent Knowledge Checks. The eReader also features notetaking, highlighting, definition look-up, and other helpful reading tools.

  • Assignments and Measurement Made Simple
    Feeds auto-graded assignments to your gradebook, with real-time insight into student and class performance. The highly visual reports show if your students are struggling and where they need the most help.

  • LMS Integration
    Saves you time by giving you access to all course materials from one location. SAGE Vantage can integrate with your LMS providing Single Sign-On (SSO) and gradebook integration.

  • Simple Course Setup and Management
    Enables you to set up your course in just 3 steps—so fast you can complete it in minutes! Additionally, instructor control over assignments, content selection, due dates, and grading supports the way you choose to teach.

  • Quality Content
    Written by expert authors and teachers you trust, content is not sacrificed for technical features.

  • Student Dashboard
    Offers a highly visual student dashboard for easy access to grades, so students know exactly where they stand in your course and where they might improve.

  • Greater Value and Choice
    Affordable access to easy-to-use, quality learning tools students will appreciate.

  • Greater Flexibility
    Easy to access across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, SAGE Vantage enables students to engage with the material you choose, learn by applying knowledge, and soar with confidence by performing better in your course.

  • An emphasis on data analytics permeates the text and exercises. 
    • Spotlight on People Analytics spotlights real-world examples of how companies have collected and analyzed HR data to inform decision making. 
    • A unique Data Management and HRIS Chapter explores the pivotal role of data along with the challenges and opportunities of managing data.
    • Data Analytics Exercises and Excel Extensions offer hands-on opportunities for students to practice using data in Microsoft Excel to make decisions. 
  • Case Studies and HR in Action boxes highlight real organizations using innovative HR practices. Examples include Costco, Mars Inc., Igloo, Mercy Corps, and PwC.
  • Spotlight on HR for Small and Medium businesses shows how HR acts as a powerful tool for startups and small businesses where the majority of the working population is engaged.
  • Spotlight on Ethics provides examples of both ethical and unethical situations and best practices for dealing with ethical challenges. 
  • Spotlight on Legal Issues explores the different ways HRM is influenced by law and how legal issues will continue to shape the HRM landscape.
  • Spotlight on Global Issues provide glimpses into HRM from an international perspective and the impact of globalization on the way that work is done.
  • Inside HR original videos interview real-world professionals demonstrating how they use HR concepts in their day-to-day. Each video is tied to assessment questions.
  • SHRM and TEDTalk videos illustrate human resource management concepts using a variety of relatable scenarios and challenge students to apply and analyze these workplace situations. 

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Vantage Learning Platform
ISBN: 9781071871430
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