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Hybrid Geographies

Hybrid Geographies
Natures Cultures Spaces

First Edition

Human Geography

November 2002 | 226 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Hybrid Geographies is a critical examination of the relation between culture and nature; the human and the non-human; the social and the material. The text demonstrates that culture and nature are not antitheses. They are intimately and variously linked.

General arguments - informed by recent work in social theory - are illustrated throughout with detailed case-study material that shows how nature and culture are interrelated. The objective is to interrogate how ideas and practices mark off and regulate the commerce between the human and the non-human. Case studies that demonstrate the argument include an examination of genetically modified foods; a discussion of the idea of "wildlife"; and an inquiry into the management of wilderness spaces.

Hybrid Geographies is essential reading for all students in the social sciences with an interest in nature, space and social theory.

Introducing Hybrid Geographies
Displacing the Wild
Topologies of Wildlife

Embodying the Wild
Tales of Becoming Elephant

Unsettling Australia
Wormholes in Territorial Governance

Reinventing Possession
Boundary Disputes in the Governance of Plant Genetic Resources

Transgressing Objectivity
The Monstrous Topicality of `GM' Foods

Geographies of/for a More than Human World
Towards a Relational Ethics


`Hybrid Geographies is one of the most original and important contributions to our field in the last 30 years. At once immensley provocative and productive, it is written with uncommon clarity and grace, and promises to breathe new life not only into geographical inquiry but into critical practice across the spectrum of the humanities and social sciences - and beyond.

An extraordinary achievement' - Professor Derek Gregory, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

`A wildly fascinating and unique journey through some unexpected spaces of hybrid inquiry. Sarah Whatmore rewrites the nature-society relationship in novel and entertaining ways' - Professor John Urry, Lancaster University

A great introduction to more-than-constructionist approaches to understanding relationships between actants and their environments

Ms Maggie Chapman
School of Health and Social Sciences, Napier University
October 17, 2009

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