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ICRP Publication 80

ICRP Publication 80
Radiation Dose to Patients from Radiopharmaceuticals

October 2015 | 130 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
ICRP Publication 80 provides biokinetic models, absorbed doses, effective doses, using ICRP Publication 60 dosimetry, for 10 new radiopharmaceuticals. It also provides recalculated dose data for the 19 most frequently used radiopharmaceuticals from ICRP Publication 53, using ICRP Publication 60 dosimetry, and corrects various printing errors in ICRP Publication 53. Furthermore, the report reproduces with minor corrections and updates, and therefore supersedes, Addendum 1 to ICRP Publication 53. An integrated index to all radiopharmaceuticals treated in ICRP Publications so far includes a listing of effective doses per unit activity administered to adults. The report also includes an Addendum to ICRP Publication 72 concerning age dependent doses to members of the public from intakes of radionuclides.

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ISBN: 9780080435732