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In Praise of Foibles

In Praise of Foibles
The Impact of Mistakes, Failure, and Fear on Continuous Improvement in Schools

  • Ron Nash - Ron Nash and Associates, LLC

August 2023 | 120 pages | Corwin

Classrooms should be inviting and safe places where students can strive to achieve worthwhile goals, even as they learn that the road to improvement is not always paved. This deceptively simple guiding principle is what Ron Nash has spent four decades in education pursuing and refining. In Praise of Foibles: The Impact of Mistakes, Failure, and Fear on Continuous Improvement in Schools is the guide every teacher who has ever wanted to take a chance on improvement needs to read.

Learn the research-based techniques and best practices that enable you to:

  • Establish an environment of safety instead of fear
  • Encourage risk-taking and resilience
  • Set high expectations and achieve high engagement
  • Let go of control and watch your students flourish

Author Ron Nash returns with his inimitable writing style and disarming honesty to show how every teacher can transform their classroom into what students need to be successful in the 21st century.

About the Author
Prologue: Fail Forward
Things That Go Bump in the Road

Neither Snow, nor Sleet, nor Pain

Just Start Writing

Easy Doesn't Do It

The Gift of Letting Them Figure Things Out

1. All They Have to Fear
The Fear Factor

Beyond The Classroom

A Foundation of Trust and Respect

The Frazzle Factor

Safety First

The Do Your Own Work Syndrome

The Peers Have It

The Learning Zone

Moving Forward

2. You Call That a Mistake?
The Great Toilet Paper Miscue

A Little Empath, Please

Mistakes Are Inevitable . . . and Profitable

Find Another Lens (or Two)

Failure and the Creative Process

Moving Forward

3. Something Borrowed, Something New
Four Lenses

There Is Always Right Now

What Students Want

A Glass Filled to Overflowing

Listen More; Talk Less

Only One Way to Find Out

Moving Forward

4. Feedback and the Modeling of Listening Skills
Sources of Feedback

Working the Room

Model Listening Skills

The Purposeful Pause

Paraphrasing for Clarification

Make Praise Useful and Authentic

Moving Forward

5. I Used to Think . . .
Sustaining the Status Quo

Speaking of Thinking

Writing is Thinking

Work the Room

Moving Forward

6. Take Care of the Kids; They'll Take Care of the Tests
Win-Win Classrooms

Culture as an Accelerator

How We Do Things Here

Cultures Designed for Comfort and Learning

Dump the Excuses

No Excuses Here

Moving Forward

7. Build Improvement Systems to Last
Toxic Cultures

The Why, Not the Who

The Value of Why

Seek Feedback and Use It

Concentrate on Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Let Faculty Meetings Meet Their Maker

"What Are You Going to Do About That?"

The Beat Goes On

Offline and Onsite

From Congenial to Collegial

Don't Blame the People; Fix the System

Fail Quickly, Fail Forward, and Keep Running

Move Forward

Epilogue: The Far Turn

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ISBN: 9781943920570