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Inclusive Economics

Inclusive Economics
Gandhian Method and Contemporary Policy

First Edition
  • Narendar Pani - National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, India

January 2021 | 206 pages | SAGE India
The book develops an inclusive method for economic planning from Gandhi's voluminous writings, a method which addresses many of the concerns of contemporary policy making. With a loss of faith on the part of the policy makers in large ideological models, and a rise in pragmatism, it has become necessary to develop a more systematic method of putting together the knowledge that economists have developed about different components of the economy. In this book, Ganghian ideas are used to put together such a method.

The Case for Inclusiveness
Primacy of Action
Economic Action
Methodological Outposts
Departure from Convention
In Practice
In Conclusion

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ISBN: 9780761995807