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India's 1999 Elections and 20th Century Politics

India's 1999 Elections and 20th Century Politics

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Paul Wallace - Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Ramashray Roy - Former Director, Centre of the Studies of Developing Societies

May 2003 | 444 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The parliamentary elections of 1999—India’s last elections in the 20th century—serve as a useful prism through which to examine the changing nature of Indian politics, both at the state and national levels, since independence in 1947. Bringing together reputed scholars from around the world, this volume describes and explains many facets of India’s current political landscape—in particular, the recent emergence of a complex multi-party system at the national level. Each chapter is rich in both empirical analysis and election data culled from primary sources.

Paul Wallace
The New National Party System and State Politics  
Jyotirendra Dasgupta
How Contention Promotes Multicultural Resilience
India's Formative Decades  
Narendra Subramanian
Beyond Ethnicity and Populism? Changes and Continuities in Tamil Nadu's Electoral Map
Harold A Gould
Political Self-Destruction in Karnataka, 1999
Karli Srinivasulu
Party Competition and Strategies of Mobilization
An Analysis of Social Coalitions in Andhra Pradesh  
Arthur G Rubinoff
The Continuous Election Campaign in Goa
Aureliano Fernandes
Elections 1999
A 'Yes Vote' for Defectors in Goa?  
Suhas Palshikar and Nitin Birmal
Fragmented Marathas Retain Power  
Sikata Banerjee
The Politics of Resentment
The Role of the BJP/Shiv Sena in Elections in Maharashtra  
Amiya K Chaudhary
Regime Changes in West Bengal and the 1999 Parliamentary Elections
Sandhya Goswami
V K Rai
A Profile of Uttar Pradesh
Stability in Instability  
A K Ojha and M R Kazmi
Bi-Polar Competition and the 13th Lok Sabha Elections in Bihar
Binoy Shankar Prasad
Bihar Elections 1999-2000, Business as Usual
Caste, Violence, Moribund Parties and Leadership  
Ranbir Singh
Social Cleavages and Political Alignments in Haryana
Pramod Kumar
Electoral Politics in Punjab
From Autonomy to Secession  
Reeta Chowdhari-Tremblay
Differing Responses to the Parliamentary and Assembly Elections in Kashmir's Regions, and State-Societal Relations

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