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Inside Counselling

Inside Counselling
Becoming and Being a Professional Counsellor

August 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Inside Counselling is an original, innovative, and creative exploration of the experience of becoming and being a counselor and engaging in the therapeutic process. Written in a novel-like format, the book enters the internal, subjective world of counselling through its characters: students, counselors, clients, supervisors, and the author himself. Weaving together their perspectives and using "talk" as its main mediumùthe talk of counseling and supervision sessions, the training group, workshops, and the studentÆs journalùthe book breaks away from traditional methods and conventions to present complex theories, difficult concepts, and serious information in an engaging, focused, and manageable way through personal experience, reflection, and comment. Inside Counselling encourages its readers to think subjectively, to question theories that come solely from outside, to stay with and use their internal world as the main focus of counseling work, and it provides personal development exercises to help the reader access long-forgotten feelings. This is a memorable book, and one that is sure to promote and provoke controversy and discussion.

Introduction - The Subjective World of Client and Counsellor
So What Is This Thing Called Self?
A Creative Way of Working with Internal Conflicts
The Repeating Past
Working with Personal History
Close Relationships
The Client-Counsellor Relationship
Developing Your Understanding of the Therapeutic Process
Three in a Room - The Experience of Counselling Supervision
Know Thyself - Especially the Bad Bits


`A lively presentation of student journals, Crouch's own experiences and his wish to engage with the reader. This combination encourages us to address our own sense of self, an issue that is at the heart of the book... a ground-breaking book and well worth having on any counsellor's shelf... five stars for originality' - Self & Society

`Challenging you to think, feel and analyze who you are and what counselling is about... the author takes the reader into how it is to live with your own personal experience in a creative and vivid way that is quite different from other text books. By writing in a fictional and compelling style, he enables the reader, whether they are client, counsellor or supervisor, to sense the essential humanity of the characters introduced... This book suggests that unless we can... get back to and learn to trust in the value of the subjective, we cannot get to the heart of what counselling or life is about' - Counselling at Work

`We heartily recommend this book - everyone should have a copy' - Dialogue

`With a fresh and imaginative slant, Anthony Crouch charms and disarms the reader... from the outset... I really enjoyed and value this book, but you need to read and experience it yourself... It is a lively, readable, challenging book, examining key issues for clients, counsellors and trainee counsellors... This is not a book about the theory of counselling, but a subjective view of the therapeutic process, the sense of what being a counsellor is all about; an attempt to create a bridge between theoretical concepts and actual counselling experiences... Crouch describes his own personal experiences, doubts, dilemmas and growth... [and] paints rich, vivid and valuable illustrations of concepts... a frank, honest and powerful book... Crouch treats difficult and complex issues in an innovative, fascinating, but ultimately serious way, and I wish this book had been around when I was struggling on my training course!' - British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Review

`Anthony Crouch examines the internal and subjective reality of being a counsellor. Using a series of vignettes, rather than case studies, Crouch builds in all participant perspectives, counsellor, client and supervisor... [the book] proves to be eminently readable, like a good novel. And like a good novel, as opposed to merely a "good read", it takes the reader into the world of its characters so that we might understand them. From the outset, Crouch asserts that the effective counsellor is one who can enter the intimate subjectivity of the client and use that reality as a catalyst for change and growth. By the same token the counsellor should grow through that interaction. The book also contains a series of challenging personal development exercises which the author invites the reader to undertake' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`A painfully honest account of the whole interior of the counselling process. Crouch offers a wealth of vivid observations, disclosures and exercises. This highly personal yet instructive book is essential reading not only for trainees but for clients, counsellors, supervisors and trainers who need to be reminded of the subjective core of counselling and the shared human struggle for personal integrity in a brutalising world' - Colin Feltham, Sheffield Hallam University

`Anthony Crouch has done a masterly job in reviewing the whole training side of counselling. Connecting the external to the subjective, he asks counsellors to journey within as a preparation to working with clients. It is honest, direct, challenging, personal, exciting. It will remain on my bookshelf long after other books have disappeared' - Michael Carroll, Private Practice

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