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Introduction to Community Development

Introduction to Community Development
Theory, Practice, and Service-Learning

March 2010 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Historical context, theoretical grounding, critical issues perspective, and the "how-to" for community development

This collection of work by leading community development scholars presents students with a theoretical and practical introduction to the field. The text progresses seamlessly from a theoretical overview to a historical overview to three approaches to community development (ecological, interactional, and structural-functional), then explores the practice of community development along with technical assistance, action research, evaluation research, and the role of local organizations, local leadership, and coalitions. The book concludes with critical issues, such as rural development, inner-city development, youth in community development, health care, public schools, and sustainable development.

Key features include:

  • New community development intervention models, using examples from recent events to demonstrate the strengths and challenges of such models
  • Community service-learning activities, providing useful examples and case studies of successful service-learning programs in communities
  • A hierarchy of learning activities and exercises within each chapter, ensuring that students learn how to apply concepts to real-world issues
  • Relevant cases of successful community development interventions, giving students examples of 'best practices'
  • Major trends, challenges, and prospects for the future in community development, helping students identify key issues and opportunities

Accompanied by effective teaching and learning ancillaries at

  • Instructor Teaching Site: Password-protected resources contain learning modules, developed by the authors, which include exercises and activities which reinforce chapter content, and demonstrate application of concepts in real-life communities.
  • Student Study Site: Open-access study materials include chapter self-quizzes to aid content learning.
This comprehensive, introductory survey text is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in Community Development, Urban Studies, Rural Development, and Introduction to Service Learning found in departments of sociology, public administration, management, and social work.

Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Gary Paul Green
Chapter 1. Developing Communities
Lorraine E. Garkovich
Chapter 2. An Historical View of Community Development
Alan W. Barton and Theresa Selfa
Chapter 3. Community Development and Natural Landscapes
Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Frank Fear
Chapter 4. The Technical Assistance Approach
Gary Paul Green
Chapter 5. The Self-Help Approach to Community Development
J.C. Bridger, M. A. Brennan and A.E. Luloff
Chapter 6. The Interactional Approach to Community
Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and L. Steven Smutko
Chapter 7. The Role of Conflict in Community Develoment
John J. Green and Anna M. Kleiner
Chapter 8. Action Research and Evaluation in Community Develoment
Josh Stovall, Jerry W. Robinson, Jr., Albert Nylander and Ralph B. Brown
Chapter 9. The Role of Leadership Behaviors and Structures in Community Development
Janet S.Ayers and Anne Heinze Silvis
Chapter 10. Principles of Working Together: Developing Relationships That Support Community Development Initiatives
Lionel J. Beaulieu and Glenn D. Israel
Chapter 11. Communities in Rural America: Current Realities and Emerging Strategies
Jeffrey S. Lowe and William M. Harris, Sr.
Chapter 12. Community Development Challenges of Inner-City Neighborhoods
Wendy Wheeler and Ana Maria Thomas
Chapter 13. Engaging Youth in Community Development
Lois Wright Morton and Nina Glasgow
Chapter 14. Health: A New Community Development Challenge
Kai A. Schafft and Hobart L. Harmon
Chapter 15. Schools and Community Development
Jerry Hembd and Jane Silberstein
Chapter 16. Sustainable Communities: Sustainability and Community Development
Paulette Meikle and Gary Paul Green
Chapter 17. Globalization and Community Development: Synergy or Disintegration
Gary Paul Green and Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.
Chapter 18. Emerging Issues in Community Development

This book provides an essential introduction to community development for undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Dr Dan Allen
Sch Nursing,Midwifery,Soc Wrk & Soc Sc, Salford University
February 11, 2016

I believe I am going to adopt Asset Building and Community Development

Dr Michael Robinson
Baynes School Of Social Work, East Carolina University
October 14, 2013

Not quite at the graduate level really. I think it would be great for an undergrad course, but my grad students need something with more depth and more emphasis on research.

Dr Marilyn Swisher
Family, Youth & Community Sciences, University of Florida
September 6, 2013

The material in this book was excellent and helped the students get a good understanding of the theory and practical aspects of Community Development.

Ms Ana Collins
Business Dept, waterford college of further education
August 15, 2013

Good introductory text, covers all key issues

Miss Caroline Lewis
Swansea School of Education, Swansea Metropolitan University
February 13, 2013

This book best fit the goals of our program (MA in Community and Economic Development) and the cornerstone course, Principles of Community and Economic Development. We also liked the progression of learning activities from lower order skills (LARK) to the higher order skills of integration (SOAR) and application to realistic situations(LIFE).

Dr Joseph Angiello
GRAD STUDIES, Suny Empire State College - Saratoga
January 4, 2013

A very helpful and accessible primer for postgraduate students new to the area.

Dr Deiric Ó Broin
School of Spatial Planning, Dublin Institute of Technology
November 11, 2012

Introduction to Community Development provides a historical and current framework for identifying and understanding the critical influences community development plays in society. This book will be instrumental in providing my students an understanding on community development theory, practice, and service learning.

Dr Lason Hines
School Of Architecture, Prairie View A & M University
August 27, 2012

Very comprehensive introduction to the subject matter

Dr James Robinson
Soci Soc Work Crim Just Dept, University of North Carolina - Pembroke
July 27, 2012

The book is relevant to my course and is very thorough covering many critical facets of community development.

Dr Marcus Mauldin
Political Science Dept, University of Tennessee
July 16, 2012

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