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Introduction to Nursing for First Year Students

Introduction to Nursing for First Year Students

First Edition
Edited by:

January 2020 | 296 pages | Learning Matters

The perfect handbook for first year nursing students!

Covering all the skills, theory and knowledge that students will need to know in order to succeed, this book is packed full of information relating to the core modules and key topics taught in the first year of a nursing degree (in line with the NMC standards for pre-registration nursing education). Written by a team of experienced registered nurses, the book uses innovative activities, scenarios and case studies to put the theory into context and bring the subject to life.

The book introduces the full range of nursing skills including:

  • Person centred care, effective communication and ethical value
  • Research, academic and study skills
  • Core clinical skills for effective practice
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology and medicines management

Whether preparing for their first practice placement, tackling assignments or revising for end-of-year exams, this book will support first-year nursing students in all specialisms and students on the first year of their nursing associate or nursing apprenticeship programmes.

Calvin Moorley
Marie Culloty and Beverly Joshua
Chapter 1: Professional values and practice
Stephen Bowman, Pamela Thomas, Adebisi Adelaja and Marian Brown
Chapter 2: Introduction to research, resources and academic practices
Calvin Moorley, Xabi Cathala and Nova Corcoran
Chapter 3: Communication in Nursing
Calvin Moorley and Alwin Puthenpurakal
Chapter 4: Professional skills for adult nursing: Part 1
Calvin Moorley, Mynesha Sankar and Sonia Kirby
Chapter 5: Professional skills for adult nursing: Part 2
Xabi Cathala and Alexandra Costa
Chapter 6: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Nicholas Gladstone, Chioma Noyedinma-Ndubueze and Nova Corcoran
Chapter 7: Person centred care: From secondary to primary care
Debra Jones and Rosetta West
Chapter 8: Understanding pharmacology introducing medicines management
Jane Crussell and Robert Murphy
Chapter 9: Death, dying and cultural practices within palliative and end-of-life care
Peter Jones
Chapter 10: Contemporary issues in nursing

The book offers a comprehensive introduction to key topics of nursing education and practice. Perfect for first-year students and for our expansive learning modules.

Mr Alfonso Pezzella
Dept of Mental Health, Social Work, Middlesex University
September 17, 2020