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Introduction to Play

Introduction to Play

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April 2022 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The go-to textbook for everything you need to know about play!

Covering ages 0-8, this book explores what play is, why it matters and where and how play happens. Taking you from start to finish on your course, it helps you:

  • Think critically about play and play provision
  • Understand what good practice looks like
  • See how theory translates into real-world settings
  • Explore the issues, debates, and challenges within play and early learning

Jane Waters-Davies
Part I: What is Play?
Natalie MacDonald
Chapter 1: What is play?
Jane Waters-Davies
Chapter 2: Children’s right to play
Alison Rees-Edwards
Chapter 3: Types of play
Alison Murphy
Chapter 4: Play pioneers and their legacy
Part II: Why is Play Important?
Natalie Canning & Angela Rekers
Chapter 5: Play, learning and development
Amanda Bateman
Chapter 6: Play, and early language and communication
Charlotte Greenway & Laura Hutchings
Chapter 7: Play, creativity and wellbeing
Part III: Where does Play Happen?
Jennifer Clement
Chapter 8: Enabling environments: indoors and out
Glenda Tinney
Chapter 9: Outdoor play
Pekka Mertala & Saara Salomaa
Chapter 10: Play in the digital world: beyond the binary logic
Carys Jennings
Chapter 11: The place of play in Early Years curricula of the UK
Angela Rekers with Mel McCree
Chapter 12: The role of the adult in play
Nanna Ryder & Charlotte Greenway
Chapter 13: Play and inclusion
Alex Southern
Chapter 14: Play in community spaces
Margaret Kernan, Giulia Cortellesi & Mariana Palazuelos
Chapter 15: Intergenerational play
Part IV: International Perspectives
Angela Rekers & Jane Waters-Davies
Chapter 16: Cultural framing of expectations for play
Debra Laxton & Linda Cooper
Chapter 17: Play in extremis
Sarah Chicken & Sarah Whitehouse
Chapter 18: Playful learning around the world
Jane Waters-Davies
Closing remarks: Is play under threat?

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