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Issues for Debate in Human Rights

Issues for Debate in Human Rights
Selections from CQ Researcher

May 2010 | 344 pages | CQ Press

Do international treaties improve women’s rights?
Is China’s human rights record improving?
Was Obama right to have the U.S. join the U.N. Human Rights Council?

Issues for Debate in Human Rights, drawn from recent reports from CQ Press’s CQ Researcher, takes up these and other compelling questions. Each selection explores who the key players are and what’s at stake, skillfully covering the range of opinion surrounding an issue and preparing students to engage in the debate. Features include a pro/con box, chronology, annotated bibliography, web resources, photos, charts, graphs, and maps.

Excellently illustrated with topical issues in both the UK and other countries.

Mrs Sarah Rees
Access to Higher Education, Weston College
September 1, 2015

Raises some very important issues in relation to Human Rights world wide.

Mr James Dunn
Faculty of Society and Health, Bucks New University
April 11, 2013

The entire CQ Researcher series is excellent, clearly written and according to my students "a pleasure to read." Myself and colleagues B.Nightingale will be ordering more copies for this Mandatory, 40 credit L6 Module.

Ms Dilva Porter
CHYPPE, University Campus Suffolk
September 20, 2011

My reasons for not adopting are three-fold (not in any particular order). First, I am teaching to students in Sweden, and this book at times takes a US-perspective which is less relevant for students outside the US. Second, while the book is great is covering the various human rights issues and with current info/examples, I feel that some core debates that are relevant to all issue areas are not given concentrated attention (e.g., universalism v cultural relativism; individual v collective rights; how to enforce--hard v soft mechanisms). Third, the book looks like a high school textbook, and not a university text. I prefer less pictures and and box inserts.

Dr Theresa Squatrito
Dept of Political Sciences, Stockholm University
July 13, 2011

This will be a very good supplemental resource to existing texts in this area.

Mr James Dunn
Society and Health, Bucks New University
July 9, 2011

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