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Killer Cities

Killer Cities

  • Nigel Thrift - Tsinghua University, China, Oxford University, UK

March 2021 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Killer Cities uses a combination of social theory, polemic and close attention to empirical detail to tell the story of how and why cities cause mass animal death and, in the process, hasten the destruction of the planet. This book is not just a lament, however. It is  an attempt to navigate out of this mess of planned and unplanned violence towards a world in which cities no longer act as killers but become aligned with the lives of other beings. It offers pragmatic ways of diminishing the death toll and changing mindsets without ever minimizing the dilemmas that inevitably will have to be faced. Killer cities can be rehabilitated so that they offer brighter paths towards the future - for animals, for human beings, and for the planet. A new urban geography could be within our grasp. Indeed, it has to be, for all of our sakes.

Chapter 1: An uncommon humanity
Part I: Cities
Chapter 2: The Urban World
Part II: Life
Chapter 3: Thinking Animals
Chapter 4: Animals Thinking
Part III: Death
Chapter 5: Cities and Animals
Chapter 6: The City of Surplus Death
Chapter 7: Not Meat but Still Dead
Chapter 8: But Some Animals Do Adapt to the City
Part IV: A New Settlement
Chapter 9: Dreaming More Human Cities 1
Chapter 10: Dreaming More Human Cities 2
Chapter 11: There is Another World but It Is This One

You can’t change the world without first seeing it through new lenses. Killer Cities shines a light on the ecocidal underbelly of urban life in a capitalist world. Using animals as a focus, Nigel Thrift advances concepts, arguments and evidence that might inspire us to make a very different urban future. The book is creative and hopeful in the face of formidable forces of mental and practical inertia.

Noel Castree
University of Manchester (England) and University of Wollongong (Australia)

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